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Mario Delgado leaves ‘in suspense’ if he resigns from the Morena leadership to go to CDMX

Mario Delgado maintains ‘the suspense’ in Morena… The national leader of the party said that it will be until next Monday when he announces whether he will leave his position to compete for the coordination of the defense committees of the Transformation in Mexico City.

Eventually, whoever is chosen as coordinator will be the candidate for the head of Government in the 2024 elections.

“I will have to define it this week, the consequences of my possible departure from Morena, if there is an opportunity to compete for Mexico City. So, next Monday, the day registration opens, I will have the definition“he said at a press conference.

Delgado assured that he will also weigh the opinion of Claudia Sheinbaum, national coordinator of the Transformación defense committees, on whether or not she participates in the process.

It was this week when in an interview with The DayDelgado stated that he “he did know how to govern Mexico City”.

“I think I have had experience in fundamental areas: Security, finances and education, and I believe that this experience can help me make a good government,” he declared to the media.

On Monday, in an interview with Manuel Feregrino, Delgado said that his final decision would be determined by what was best for the Fourth Transformation movement.

The leader of the Morena deputies’ caucus also clarified that if he decided to participate in the party’s call for the 2024 elections, he would have to leave his position as leader because “I cannot be judge and party”.

Requirements for applicants for Morena’s ‘corcholata’ in CDMX

According to the call published in the early hours of this Tuesday, interested parties must register online at the site.

The window to complete the process will open at 00:00 on Monday, September 25 and will close at 11:49 p.m. on Tuesday, September 26.

According to the rules, the National Elections Committee will pass the list of those registered to the State Council of Morena in CDMX, a group that must choose four profiles to participate in the survey. At least, two of the four candidates must be women.

In a press conference, Delgado explained that the National Elections Committee has the power to include two other candidates, so, ideally, The final list could be made up of three men and three women.

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