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María Eugenia Vidal: “They are going to leave a bomb for the next government, but they are not going to abandon the boxes”

Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque fueled the internal insiders within the ruling party and not only provoked reactions within the ruling coalition, but also outside the Front of All. Proof of this was the harsh warning issued on Monday by María Eugenia Vidal, who said that disbelieve of those “crosses” and warned that they are part of a plan that involves, among other things, “leave a financial bomb” to the force that takes power in 2023.

“I am not fooled by these crossings, because the Government and the Frente de Todos they have a power project, not a country project. They won’t break. They are going to continue to be an improvised government, of patchwork, of postponing problems, leaving a financial bomb for the next government, but they will not abandon their boxes”, accused the former governor of Buenos Aires.

In statements made in TN, Vidal stressed that the ruling party “does not discuss what worries people.” On the contrary, he indicated, they do it “because of how the President contacted the Vice President.” “I would tell them to have a little modesty“, he pointed.

Likewise, he affirmed that “a government that is fragmented, divided and confronted with each other, does not help”, although he clarified that “they have known that since 2019”. “They cannot now say that since there are internal problems they cannot solve the problems of the people. AND we have been seeing short circuits and differences that are not resolved for two years”, he stressed.

“We have been seeing short circuits and differences that are not resolved for two years,” criticized Vidal

In the last hours, Larroque fueled the internal Front of All. “We are experiencing a dangerous self-banning of a sector of the force. Here a Kirchnerist gives his opinion and it is a drama and unity is broken. Someone close to the President says any nonsense and nothing happens,” declared the Buenos Aires Development Minister.

“There is always a double standard”

The opposition leader also referred to the stones that Cristina Kirchner’s office received in Congress during the protests against the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) last Thursday. Vidal suggested that the ruling party condemns or not this kind of violent acts, according to its convenience.

“In relation to the episodes of violence on Thursday, I want to be clear: when one condemns violence, one always condemns itIt’s not that sometimes he feels sorry and other times he doesn’t. There is always a double standard,” she charged.

Even so, Vidal valued that “violence could not against democracy” and that “the violent did not win.” “The vote was reached, not without tension, not without concern. That is a triumph of democracy,” he opined.

On the other hand, he pointed out: “In our country it was not the first time and I fear it will not be the last. The Police must have tools to act and there must be real judicial punishmenteconomic and criminal, because they put at risk the functioning of Congress, the office of a vice president and they almost set a policeman on fire.”

"When one condemns violence, one always condemns it."Vidal pointed out about the attacks on Congress

“When you condemn violence, you always condemn it,” Vidal said about the attacks on Congress

In addition, asked about what kind of country would receive Together for Change if he assumes the leadership of the country in 2023, he maintained that they would inherit “an inflationary government.”

“The entire program that (Martín) Guzmán brought to Congress does not deal with inflation and the recipes that they are proposing to combat it are wrong. They are going to want to sell us the story that withholdings increase as a way to fight against inflation. Is a lie. We are going to reach 2023 with an Argentina with high inflation”, he anticipated.

Finally, he assured that “the decision on how to vote in the Senate” regarding the agreement with the IMF “will be made by the national table of Together for Change” and celebrated that from the 2021 elections to the present, They “always” reached an agreement for each vote.


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