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Marc Márquez will return before the end of the season

Alberto Puigteam manager Honda-Repsolhas spoken in DAZN about the recovery of Marc Márquez after his recent operation on the arm and has sent a message from optimism. In the Japanese team they do not want to give specific dates but they are convinced that the sensations are positive and that the pilot will be able to get on a motorcycle before the end of the 2022 season.

As for the state of mind of the eight-time world champion, Puig commented that the rider is happy and lively: “He is very happy and the truth is that he is well. Since he returned from the United States he has entered into a dynamic of feeling really well. He is very optimistic and positive. Now, shortly, he will have a first check-up with the doctors, little by little. He is active, he is not sitting on the sofa,” stressed the Catalan.

He did not want to comment on the deadlines, but he admits that they expect it before the end of the course: “I don’t know when. The doctor already said it: once the bone is consolidated, he will not have any problem in that Marc comes back It will be very important that he can come back and test the bike. for the end of the season We have training sessions and tests that are very important for the bike for next year”.

Of course, in Honda they do not want to take any risk. Alberto Puig has ensured that the most important thing is “that there are no complications and that there must be a consolidation of the bone”. This operation has been quarter to which the Cervera rider will undergo in two years and hopes that it will be the definitive one in order to be able to compete again at the maximum level.

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