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Marc Anthony sweeps his visit to Spain

Barcelona – Nearly 23,000 people have welcomed Marc Anthony to Spain, the salsa artist who has sold the most records worldwide, a reunion that has been postponed twice due to the pandemic, and that has finally taken place at the RCDE stadium in Cornellá (Barcelona).

“At last we meet again. Thank you very much for so much warmth, so much affection”, said the New York artist of Puerto Rican origin who will lead his tour “Pa’lla voy Tour” by a dozen cities of Barcelona.

In Barcelona, ​​Anthony, who has broken the ice with his classic “Valió la pena”, has gathered an audience with a multitude of people of Latin origin, from Ecuador to Colombia passing through Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and, of course, Puerto Ricans. .

In the recital, which lasted just over an hour and a half, and marked by high temperatures, there was no shortage of ballads such as “Who is he”, “There was someone”, “Hasta Mañana” or “Flor pálida”.

Although when the stadium of the Spanish soccer club fell, it was, of course, with salsa songs, from “What a price does heaven have” to “Your love does me good”, “They seem like Friday” or another of his hits, ” To live”.

The artist has also achieved widespread delight with his latest singles, his own “Pa’lla voy” and “Mala”, with the production of the creator of his first hits, Sergio George.

With George three decades ago since Anthony made his solo debut with “Otra Nota”, an album that, for his fans, marked a before and after in the sound of salsa.

The song “Bad” says “you came out bad, bad, bad and expensive” and “you left my heart and bank account empty”.

A theme that some fans have reinterpreted to taste on social networks, proposing that it refers to some ex-partner of the singer, who has already accumulated three divorces.

Last night was the first concert after the premiere of the documentary “Halftime” by JLO, her ex-partner in real life, and mother of two of her children, and in which the pop diva says that she lost her self-esteem after their separation.

From Santiago de Compostela to Madrid, passing through Seville or the Canary Islands, Marc Anthony will not leave a corner of Spain this summer to visit his dozen concerts planned in the Catalan capital.

After filling all the stages in North America, Marc Anthony will perform in ten Spanish cities with his well-deserved party and his great repertoire, which will include the songs from this new album and hits such as ‘Valió la pena’ or ‘Vivir mi vida’.

The tour, which was initially announced in 2020 as “Opus Tour”, later as “World Tour”, and which later had to be postponed, changes to “Pa’lla voy Tour”.

Before arriving in Europe, the salsero has been on the North American stages for months with only one cancellation, in Panama City, due to a small accident.

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