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Many musical instruments like guitar and tabla were consumed in the fire of Taliban extremism

Musical instruments worth hundreds of dollars were burned in a Saturday bonfire in Herat.

Herat (Afghanistan):

Afghanistan’s Deputy Ministry officials, considering music as immoral, burnt Holi of confiscated musical instruments and equipment in Herat province over the weekend. Aziz al-Rahman al-Muhajir, head of the Herat department of the ministry that works for the promotion of virtue and the prevention of evil, said, “Promoting music leads to moral corruption and playing it will lead youth astray.”

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Since seizing power in August 2021, the Taliban have consistently implemented laws and regulations that reflect their hardline approach to Islam. This also includes a ban on playing music in public.

Musical instruments and accessories worth hundreds of dollars went up in smoke in Saturday’s bonfire. Most of the musical instruments and equipment were collected from the marriage halls of the city. It included a guitar, other two-stringed instruments, a harmonium, a tabla, a drum, besides amplifiers and speakers.

Women have faced the brunt of the new government rules and they are not allowed to go to public places without wearing hijab.

Adolescent girls, girls and women are banned from attending schools and universities. They have also been banned from visiting parks, playgrounds and gyms.

Last week, authorities shut down thousands of beauty salons across the country, deeming make-up too expensive or un-Islamic.

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