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Many including Badhda Block Committee Vice President join you –

Chandigarh, October 10 (Trinew)

Leaving BJP, JJP and Congress, many leaders along with their supporters have joined the Aam Aadmi Party. On Tuesday, in the presence of the party’s senior state vice president Anurag Dhanda at the AAP office in Chandigarh, Block Committee Vice Chairperson Usha Rani from Jhojhu Kalan of Badhra, Kapil Phogat from village Makdana left INLD, Dharmendra Pahal from Datoli joined Congress and Vasant Kumar from village Chidiya. Left BJP and joined AAP.

Former Haryana Vikas Party candidate Maniram from village Padla of Kaithal, former Sarpanch Balbir Singh, Bhalla Ram, Shamsher Singh left Congress, Thambu Ram, Jaili Ram left BJP, Ratan Singh left JJP and Pandit Amrit Sharma left Congress from village Baba Ladana. Joined Aadmi Party. On this occasion, Panchkula District President Ranjit Uppal, State Secretary of Youth Wing Mona Siwach, Dr. Anil Ranga, Karan Singh Dhankhar, Anil Panjeta, Karanveer Laut and Subhash Kamboj were also present.

Speaking to the media on this occasion, Dhanda said that the Khattar government is ignoring the farmers of Haryana. Dadupur Nalvi Canal – Lifeline of Northern Haryana was a very ambitious project. It started when the seven-year plan was made between 1985 and 1990. Then it was said that due to continuous cultivation of paddy in this area, the water level will go down and if that water level has to be maintained then it is necessary to recharge the water.

Therefore, with the permission of the National Water Commission, a plan was made – Dadupur Nalvi Canal, which goes to Nalvi in ​​Kurukshetra via Yamunanagar and Ambala and works to recharge the water in this area. He said that when there is flood and water comes in Yamuna, then water is released in this canal for two months. Due to this, the ground water of this entire area can be recharged. If its entire story is known then it will be understood that the government is neither concerned with the water needs of the farmers, nor is it concerned with recharging the ground water, nor is it concerned with the problems of the farmers. He said that after starting in 1987, this project went into abeyance. After this, in 2004, notification was given to acquire 926 acres of land of 2000 farmers of the three districts. The first phase of this entire plan of 11.5 kilometers was completed in 2009.

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