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Manolo Cardona lives the Latin American boom on streaming platforms

Through one of his most recent projects, the Colombian actor and producer Manolo Cardona highlights that phrase that could be hackneyed, but turns out to be so true: “the truth sets you free”.

And it is that with the film “Amalgam”in which he plays one of the main characters and also serves as producer, highlights the fact that he carries a message that is very important to him, about being honest not only with ourselves, but also with others.

“I feel that in the end what we want to have with ‘Amalgama’ is to be able to be honest with ourselves and to be able to be honest with others in the relationships we have, call it a couple relationship, a family relationship, a work relationship; those things that we are never able to say to each other and that we are not able to say to the other person, either out of fear or fear of hurting them to them and harm us, to end a relationship”, he said about the feature film that premieres on Friday, May 13 through the streaming platform Pantaya in the United States and Puerto Rico.

In the drama, which tells the story of four dentists who meet at a convention – three men and one woman -, in which they all run away from their own painful stories, Cardona enters the skin of one of them. After auditioning and being selected for the role of “Chema”, in conversations with the screenwriter and director of the film Carlos Cuarón, he had the opportunity to co-produce it.

“The movie was shot in Mexico, in the Riviera Maya, in Tulum and in Sian Ka’an, and we also went to the Dominican Republic to shoot in Santo Domingo and Las Terrenas. The truth is that we feel very happy and content to continue making films and to be able to unite these latitudes and Caribbean cinematography with the rest of Latin America.”, he added.

The plot of the movie “Amalgama” stars Miguel Rodarte, Tony Dalton, Manolo Cardona and Stephanie Cayoz. (Supplied)

Cardona had the fortune to share scenes with actress Stephanie Cayoz and actors Tony Dalton and Miguel Rodarte, with whom he already had a friendship beforehand. While he clarifies that it had nothing to do with their choice and that it was pure chance, the fact that they were close friends made the dynamic between them easier.

“The complicity was greater being friends from a long time ago, because we talked every day, we talked about the characters, the story, everything. It was wonderful to be able to live this trip with the three of them”said about “Amalgama”, which has a duration of one hour and 32 minutes.

“Everything is based on the excuse of these four characters who are ‘locked up’ on an island in the Caribbean and everyone is going to have an absolute catharsis, each one in different aspects, but a catharsis after all. That catharsis that gives the characters is that freedom that leads them to be happy. That phrase that may sound very cliché, that telling the truth will set you free, is very true. I think that when you can get the truth out and say things, and above all what you feel to the people you love, you feel free and you also free them from many things, “he added about the plot.

The story of "Amalgam" revolves around four dentists who meet at a convention, all running from their own painful histories.
The story of “Amalgama” revolves around four dentists who meet at a convention, and in which they all flee from their own painful stories. (Supplied)

Under his own production house 11:11 Movies & TVthis is not Cardona’s first production for the aforementioned platform, since as part of its content she has worked on the “Ruidosa” trilogy and more recently “La Negociadora”, which starred the actress Barbara Mori.

Maintaining his facet as a producer, in parallel with that of acting, ensures that it allows him to do things that he considers incredible and have an increasing presence in various countries. For this reason, he shares that continuing to tell stories that come from Latin America to the world keeps him enthusiastic.

The month of May will be one of premieres for this actor, because in addition to “Amalgam”the next 18 begins the final season of the popular Mexican series “Who Killed Sarah”which is transmitted through Netflix, with which he assures that “people who have been fans of this series will be very happy”. Another premiere for which he is also preparing is that of “Now and Then”being part of the cast of the first Spanish series of AppleTV+ which premieres on May 20.

Meanwhile, 2022 continues to see him very active, both producing and acting, so he asks his followers to be vigilant, because “several things are on the way.”

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