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Manny Manuel on the lawsuit: “There is no contract and less a verbal agreement”

“There is no contract and less a six-year verbal agreement. In what head does it fit… that doesn’t make sense.” This is how the singer reacted today Manny Manuel upon learning that the entrepreneur of the entertainment industry Richard Lamb and the signature Color Soul it sued for alleged breach of contract, and damages.

In the lawsuit filed in the Superior Court Chamber of Ponce, Cordero claims the amount of $1,126,000. According to the lawsuit, Cordero had a conversation on January 29, 2021, with the artist and the Color Soul company, which was supposed to be in charge of the exclusive management of the artistic career and event production.

The meringue that still has not been placed He found out about the lawsuit through social networks, a legal action that he assured surprised him since the last conversation he had with Cordero was two and a half weeks ago.

In that conversation, according to Manny Manuel, only the details of the concert scheduled for May in honor of “Divo de Juárez”, the late singer, were discussed. John Gabriel and neither side reached an agreement.

“When Ricardo and I talked this year. We only talk about making the ‘booking’ of the concerts in which we were elucidating a contract that was going to be signed and it was never signed because we never reached an agreement. In fact, the graduate Roberto Sueiro He was the one who was going to draft the agreement, but we never signed anything because neither of the parties agreed. If there is no contract, much less a six-year verbal agreement, in what head does that fit? That’s not right,” he explained. Cruz Manuel Hernandez Santiagofirst name of the artist.

The new day confirmed that Mr. Sueiro was the person responsible for drafting the contract at the request of both parties, but the document was never signed. The lawyer confirmed that he drafted the contract and that he recused himself from the process.

“The lawsuit took me by surprise because the least I expected was a letter telling me I’m going to do this or a call, but there was nothing on his part and I found out through social networks. To be honest, these things are not going to blur me, on the contrary, now I have more strength to move forward”, said the “King of hearts” who is represented in this case by the lawyer Omar Sanchez Pagan.

The artist hopes to meet soon with his legal representative to see what steps to take in response to the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Cordero established that he produced and performed five artistic performances under the terms of an alleged verbal agreement. The artist repeatedly insisted on his desire to change the compensation terms stipulated for the production of events, which granted 50% of the profits to the plaintiff.

The lawsuit states that Manny Manuel has refused to fulfill his contractual obligations regarding the celebration of the events that he had scheduled until Color Soul accepted new terms proposed by the 49-year-old artist. Both Color Soul and Cordero have rejected the new terms.

Manny Manuel is currently undergoing an intensive outpatient rehabilitation process and treatment from his mother’s house in Villalba where he must remain until 2023, as determined in 2021 by a judge in the Caguas Court.

The interpreter was involved in two car accidents on the same day in December 2020 for allegedly driving under the influence. Manny Manuel entered a guilty plea and began his addiction treatment.

During the validity of his treatment, the artist lives with some restrictions. He is free to work, go to the gym, study, attend church, medical appointments and court.

Given this situation, his finances have been affected and he acknowledged that facing another legal lawsuit is “Strong, but I’m not going to take it off, I owe it to my fans and they want me to continue singing.”

What will happen to the concert?

Manny Manuel told this medium that in the last conversation he had with Cordero in a restaurant in the metropolitan area they talked about the money that would correspond to the artist in relation to the concerts scheduled for May 7 and 8 at the Center for Fine Arts from Caguas. This is the show in honor of Juan Gabriel.

“About the concert in May I told him: ‘give me an amount of money’. That was my request since there is no agreement on anything. I told him buy me as an artist and give me an amount of money and he did not agree. There was a silence and he answered me ‘the concert is not going’. I answered: ‘perfect the concert is not going’. I got up from the table and left. Two days passed and I was worried about Ivonne Class (manager of the Caguas Fine Arts Center, where the mentioned concert is scheduled) and the mayor of Caguas and Ticketera. I called Ivonne and that’s when she found out that Ricardo Cordero does not have a producer’s license and it is Ticketera who was apparently going to enter into a partnership for the production. I did not know anything about this. Now what we are working on so that the event can take place and try to reach an agreement so that the show can take place, ”explained the merengue player without specifying what type of agreement could be reached to carry out the May concert.

For now, the artist continues with his rehearsals for the performances for the mothers’ weekend despite the legal lawsuit he faces and with the hope that he can perform on the Caguas stage. The singer is not listed as a producer or partner of the event, but as a talent.

Prior to this new controversy, Manny Manuel canceled his presentations for March 5 in Fajardo and March 26 in San Germán due to the rebound in COVID-19 cases.

“I feel calm within everything, because this is not going to take away my strength. I continue to make music and I want to continue singing to my people”, pointed out the voice of “And I know you are going to cry”.

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