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Manny Manuel, Joseph Fonseca and Juancho join together to break the “Monotony” in merengue

In order to bring a different proposal to its audience and revolutionize the meringue genre, Juan Luis “Juancho”, Manny Manuel and Joseph Fonseca Tonight they presented the single “Monotonía”.

The song, which belongs to “Juancho”, unites the strength of two pillars of merengue -Manny Manuel and Fonseca- under the authorship of Wise The Gold Penmulti-platinum composer and production of Dahian El Apechaoresponsible for the song “After the beach”, by Bad Bunny.

Beyond a collaboration, according to a press release, this group is a conspiracy that seeks to place tropical music at the top of the music charts in and outside of Puerto Rico.

Inspired by life itself and the mistakes of the heart, these three performers came together in a contagious merengue that encourages “letting go and continuing life when a relationship ends.”

“Monotony has become our master right now. Everything happens so quickly that they have turned us into people who throw away easily, knowing that they will automatically offer me something new,” said Manny Manuel.

Parallel to this release, the music video was released, filmed in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. The chemistry and complicity between Manny Manuel, Juancho and Fonseca became evident with the combination of the interpretive power that characterizes them and their peculiar style.

“For me this production is a resurgence of tropical music. It is a spectacular song and a great contribution to the merengue genre. I wanted to join forces with Manny and Joseph since we are united by a great friendship and united by the desire to always present the best of the best for our audience,” said Juancho, also president of the label. Heroes Music.

For his part, Fonseca described the song as “a spectacular melody, with deep lyrics.” “(I feel) excited about this great team. We were finally able to do something different in the genre. I am super honored that Juancho extended this invitation to us for this meeting to take place. After the reunion of ‘Monotonía’ I am sure that other colleagues will want to make fusions and collaborations with the genre,” he said.

Behind the production is the renowned strategist Hey Omarwho was part of “The Formula” of Pina Records and that for two decades has seen the urban and tropical market evolve.

“Collaborations have been a vital element in the evolution of genres, something that has not been seen in merengue among exponents from the island. If it has been due to egos, lack of vision or lack of advice, I don’t know, but this project seeks for all the exponents of merengue in Puerto Rico to meditate and be able to think about a complete genre, beyond what can be beneficial only for them,” he commented.

“Monotonía” is now available on the main digital platforms.

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