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Manchester City on Haaland: “The money we give him was given by Real Madrid”

Much is being said that Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappé would have said “no” to Real Madrid and yes to Manchester City and PSG, respectively, for money. That the sports project has been the least of it and that vile metal has prevailed in its decision. But the teams mentioned in question defend themselves, such as the English team.

Ferran Soriano, CEO of Manchester Cityexplained in statements collected by the Daily Mail that Haaland has not chosen to play in the Premier League for the money they are going to pay him since those same figures were handled by other teams, including Real Madrid itself.

“He has chosen us. You have seen the transfer figures and they are very reasonable. The salary we pay him is what we can pay and what corresponds to him. We have explained the project to him, but the money could have been given by the Manchester United, Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. He has decided where he wants to go and we are happy “, he has assured”, commented Ferrán.

The City CEO insists: “Our goal is football, playing well and winning, more than the stars. We were missing a center forward. We had someone spectacular like Agüero. We have spent more than a year looking for a replacement and Haaland is it. If you look at the income of English clubs, the one that earns the most is Manchester United. We don’t have any more money. In fact, we have less. How much money have United spent in recent years and how much have City spent? If you analyze it, you will see that United have spent more and that City have won 11 titles in recent years and United, one or two, and no league.

With all this, Pep Guardiola’s team must recognize that in recent years their financial outlay has been the most important along with that of PSG and coincidentally both have sheikhs on their boards.

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