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Mammana recounts her suicide attempt: “I was about to throw myself, but they grabbed me by the neck”

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc and not just physically. Psychologically, it has destroyed a lot of people. Spain faces its all-time high in suicides with the overcrowded mental health centers. The pandemic has triggered psychiatric disorders in adolescents, young people and cases of depression and suicidal ideation.

In the world of football, psychological problems are no exception. In Argentina Emanuel Mammana, a central Sochi that has been standing out in recent months and is close to returning to River Plate, has revealed a very harsh story which he has confessed in Radio La Red his suicide attempt at a time in his life when he was broken by the passing of his parents:

“Everyone who suffered a loss of their parents knows how hard it is. I wanted to kill myself, I was about to do crazy. Thanks to one person I am still alive. One day I was going to train, after two months had passed I did not want to know more about anything. I went alone to catch the train, I saw that it was coming and as I did not feel like anything, I was about to throw myself“Mammana said.

A stranger acted as his particular Guardian Angel and saved him at the last moment: “They grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and threw me against the wall. That person smacked me a couple of times for what I was about to do. I don’t know who he is but I thank him with all my heart. Saved my life. Today I have my family and my children. My parents wouldn’t have wanted that. “

The Argentine defender has already confessed his suicide attempt in Olé: “It was very difficult, very difficult. It was two or three months that cost me a lot after the death of my parents. I did not want to do anything, I had no motivations and I did not even want to continue living. But despite the pain I was able to leave. And River helped me. I realized that at home they had fought so much for me to arrive that I could not throw everything away because of that sadness. I had to fulfill my dad’s dream: he wanted me to get to First “.

Mammana also recounted other moments of her hard life and her parents’ support to succeed: “As a boy I ate thanks to what River gave me. My dad said he wasn’t hungry for me to eat. I owe it all to them and thanks to my anonymous savior, I can now breathe easy. “


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