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Make your money grow: ideas to invest from 1 peso

The first third of 2022 has barely ended and various events have already caused financial turmoil around the world.

In an environment of military uncertainty, skyrocketing inflation, slow economic growth and high interest rates, options worth looking into for your money.

“In Mexico there is a wide variety of products that allow us to invest in different ways and with different amounts, despite this, the percentage of people who do so is minimal,” said Juan Luis Ordaz, director of Financial Education at Citibanamex.

Investment is a tool that helps us multiply our money over time and is key on the path to financial freedom.

Therefore, we show you four options so that you do not have your money under the mattress:

one. Traditional. The director of Citibanamex explained that the most common options are to make contributions from 1 peso to your Afore, 100 pesos in Cetes, or opt for bank promissory notes, foreign currency, metals, investment in real estate and investment in the stock market. These alternatives are regularly chosen when you do not handle such large investment amounts and only want to fulfill specific purposes.

two. Speculation strategies. “The commodity market can be a good bet. Coinciding with the international conjuncture, as international sanctions are imposed, the supply not only of Russia but of the world is compromised. This increases the value of commodities by supply and demand, in particular energy commodities such as oil found in Russian territory”, recommended Daniel Cawrey, Chief Strategist of Passfolio in Mexico.

3. Alternative investments. The Passfolio director indicated that they could also encourage you to the world of ETFs or cryptocurrencies. “Today, it is recommended that investors consider buying cryptocurrencies in the hope that they will increase in value, as they are historically less vulnerable to fluctuations in the peso, especially during cycles of high inflation,” he said.

Four. Investment funds. “An investment fund is an instrument that pools the money of many people and is managed by an expert, who places the available resources, in different fixed and variable income investments, seeking to maximize the returns of all investors, allowing you to access to instruments that require larger initial investments. So you can find options starting at 500 pesos”, stressed Juan Luis Ordaz.

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