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Make wonderful, tasty cooling drink by mixing these things in coconut water, will keep you fresh and healthy in summer

Summer Drink: This fresh cooler will keep your body hydrated.

Summer Hydrating Drink: Staying hydrated during summer is essential to maintain energy. However staying hydrated can get boring if you just stick to water. Therefore it can be beneficial to include foods and drinks that are both hydrating and nutritious. To help us make the most, nutritionist Lavneet Batra shares fresh summer cooler drinks made with coconut water. She writes, “There is a heatwave going on and one of the most important things during this heatwave is to stay hydrated. Try Drinking Coconut Water Daily To Avoid These Heat Incidents”

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Method to make Coconut Cooling Drink:

half a glass of coconut water
half a glass of water
1/2 tsp fennel powder
1/2 tsp mint leaves powder
1 tsp soaked chia seeds
pinch of pink salt

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According to experts, the benefits of this coconut cooling drink:

Coconut water is a natural gift as it is a great hydrator. Coconut can replenish the body’s electrolytes of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Vitamin C property in fennel seed powder reduces inflammation in the body due to heat. Furthermore, these seeds promote better digestion and reduce acid reflux.

Mint contains menthol which has a calming effect on the cells of the body, which helps in reducing the increased body temperature.

Apply this thing mixed with raw milk before sleeping at night, you will be happy after seeing yourself in the mirror in the morning, here is the way

Chia seeds are considered a cooling agent as it helps in retaining the water content in our body and keeps it hydrated.

Try this delicious cooling drink this summer to keep your body hydrated and refreshed.

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