Sunday, October 2, 2022
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Magistrate apologizes to Afro-descendant and Afro-Mexican women for ‘historical invisibility’

The magistrate of Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF)Mónica Soto Fregoso, requested a public apology from the women Afro-descendants and Afro-Mexicans for the historical and social invisibility they have experienced in the exercise of their political-electoral rights.

During the inauguration of the Meeting of Afro-descendant/Afro-Mexican Women, Judge Soto called on the authorities at all levels of government to recognize them and incorporate their identity into the national public and political agenda, their contexts and their values.

In addition, the magistrate insisted that, in order to maintain support for this group, sentences such as the one that made it mandatory for political parties to integrate the Afro-descendant/Afro-Mexican women to participate in the election to occupy positions of popular election.

In this sense, Soto Fregoso announced that this year the diploma course “Construction of citizenship of indigenous and Afro-descendant women through electoral justice” will be taught, which will seek to teach this sector of society how to use legal- elections that are within their reach.

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