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Madrid returns to its rights and Poirier signs the victory

The real Madrid he returned to his rights with a great defense, speed, forcefulness and showiness in the attack to defeat by 90-72 still Alba Berlin dismasted from the beginning and impotent before a vincent poirier superlative.

Real Madrid came out aware of the potential danger of Alba Berlin and paid attention to defense and speed in attack, with dzanan muse Y Edy Tavares as first swords, although it was peter corneliewith two consecutive triples, the one who contributed the most to the first advantages, 16-8 (min.5).

The local bounce (13-5 at the end of the first quarter) and good defense, drowning out the German attack in the first seconds, just when they are most dangerous, were the key to the 26-20 lead with which the first set ended.

Gabriele Procida was the most successful at Alba, although the best news for Real Madrid was the return, six months later, of Nigel Williams Gosswhich was more than acceptable and provided external defense that the team was so lacking.

In the second quarter, Madrid’s dominance became much more evident with a Vincent Poirier who seems to have recovered his level of play and with a Eli Ndiaye who earned being the entire room on the track due to his intensity, success and defense.

Israel GonzalezAlba’s coach, could not find the antidote to stop a coral Real Madrid, plugged in and generous in the effort that left with half-time 16 point advantage53-37.

The Germans, the best rebounding team so far (38.9 average per game), had just 9 rebounds in the first half to 24 for the Spanish team.

The twenty point difference was immediate in the continuation with 4 consecutive points from Dzanan Musa, 57-37 (m.21.15).

Real Madrid continued with the sharpened fang while Alba was fading as they saw their fifth consecutive defeat this season approaching and their thirteenth against the Spanish team so far this century, as many as they have played against each other, with the 61-37 (m.22.30).

With 24 rental points, Real Madrid slightly eased off the accelerator and the Germans cut back, 63-48 (m.28), although the third quarter ended 70-52, after another local rush with a dominating Poirier and with sparks of genius from Sergio ‘Chacho’ Rodríguez.

The last quarter, as usual, lacked substance. With victory decided, the two teams temporized until the 90-72 end.

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