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Macarena Olona gets involved in the war between Sergio Ramos and the Biris

When no one expected it and in a surprising way, macarena olona He has gotten fully involved in the war between Sergio Ramos and the Biris. Spanish politics has sent a message on Twitter asking for “lordship” to the ultra group of Seville after they issued the following statement via Twitter:

Given the information circulating about our position regarding the signing of Sergio Ramos, we want to make the following clear: the only authorized voice of Biris Norte is the one expressed in the stands and/or through our official channels. Any other source that claims to speak on our behalf or we attribute statements or attitudes is false or malicious, and responds to interests that are foreign to us. We reserve the right to communicate when and as we deem appropriate.

As an ultra group of Sevilla FC for almost 50 years, we want to express our rejection of those who proposed this transfer. We are not moved by hatred or resentment, but by love and pride for our club, its history and its fans. We believe that the mere proposal of this signing already represented a lack of respect for the values ​​that have made us great, for the symbols and legends that have defended our shield, and for the thousands of Sevillistas who have suffered the contempt of this player in the past. .

We think that this signing more benefits the interests of managers who neither understand nor understand what makes Sevilla FC great and who only look out for their personal and/or economic interests. We are not their choir and we will always be by the side of Sevilla FC. but not of those who stain it with their decisions.

We believe that Sevillismo must have memory and pride, analyze the situation and each one draw their own conclusions. We, as a group, are very clear about it and although we know that every day there are fewer of us who put our economic values ​​first, it is something that is not negotiated for Biris Norte.

This statement is addressed especially to the board of directors of Sevilla FC, because we consider that, with each decision, we move further away from a model that respects our way of feeling the shield. We say it once again: dignity, values ​​and respect for the emblem and the fans are the basis on which an entity with more than a hundred years of history must be sustained. We are tired of seeing how the directors and large shareholders of Sevilla FC prioritize their economic interests over what it really means to be a Sevilla fan, although to a certain extent we can understand it, since this is nothing more than their business, their livelihood, and they do not They have grown up with a true love for this club, but their connection was inherited, or purchased, in the form of shares.

We want to make it clear that, contrary to what many have stated, from Biris Norte we will not carry out acts such as animation strikes or insults to any player during the matches. However, we cannot and should not show support for any act that violates the principles and dignity of Sevilla FC.

We also ask the rest of Sevilla fans to live up to what Sevilla FC is, both on this issue and on others. In recent months we have seen what these fans are capable of when they are united and fight in unison for Sevilla FC.

Let no one forget: Sevilla is us (ALL the fans). not those who, from an office, cling to an armchair to be able to continue living at the expense of Sevilla FC.

After that statement, Olona’s tweet:

It is strange that Macarena Olona gets involved in this type of matter, especially since she has rarely talked about football in her appearances or on the social networks themselves. In fact, the last time she did it was in AS: “My son is from Atleti, but I am a very good friend of Mina, Fede Valverde’s wife.”

Olona asks for “lordship” from the Biris, Let’s not forget is the extreme left-wing group from Sevilla, and also adds two hearts and an emoticon with tears in their eyes. Surreal to say the least.

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