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Luz Celenia Tirado, the Lady of Trova, dies

The musical scene returns to mourning before the physical departure of the singer, troubadour and composer Light Celenia Tirado, one of the recognized exponents of jíbara music, who recorded her name in the Puerto Rican trova.

The news that the woman from San Germán known as the Lady of the Trova and the Jibarita of Las Lomas passed away at the age of 93, was announced by the mayor of San Germán, Virgil Olivera Oliverawho published a message of condolences to his relatives, highlighted his musical deed and decreed three days of mourning for his physical departure.

“Mourning! Today our City of San Germán dresses in mourning, after the surprising death of our beloved and respected singer, troubadour and composer, Doña Luz Celenia Tirado. Thank you, thousands of thanks and millions of thanks for her gigantic musical contribution and for having sown so many seeds of love in countless hearts! Our solidarity hug to the whole family ”, reads her communication.

Although he was born in Guánica, Tirado spent most of his life in the town of San Germán. In addition, she was the creator of the School of Troubadours of Mayagüez.

The same way she sang a tenth composed by her than a bolero. She came to trova because of her grandfather, whom she heard singing along with the cane drivers, and her experience caused her “chills, it gave me something, it made me want to imitate him.”

“The troubadours are like my family, they have never disrespected me”, he came to describe his colleagues in an interview he did The new day for September 2012, on the occasion of the show “Trovadores del mundo”, which took place in the Luis Muñoz Rivera square in Humacao, for that date.

“I would like to know how to improvise so that when they become flirtatious with the women troubadours, I would answer them,” said the singer, who dedicated the IV Week of the Puerto Rican Troubadour to her.

According to the National Foundation for Popular Culture, although health problems led to her retirement, The Lady of the Trova continued giving improvisation classes of the tenth spinel to the children in her home in San Germán. He also produced and hosted the radio program “El Regreso de Luz Celenia”, on Sundays from 12 noon to 2 pm on the WSOL radio station.

In 2016, as a prelude to the celebration of “Mother’s Day”, she was honored by her people from San Germán, who dedicated the virtual special ‘I Love You… Mom!’ which was broadcast through the Municipality’s Facebook page.

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