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Lula da Silva, moderate but confident with a view to the ballot: ‘We are going to win the elections’

The former president and candidate for the Workers’ Party said that this Sunday’s result is a kind of incentive to continue working.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva showed moderation, but also confidence, with a view to the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil, after leading the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, in the first round by 4 points.

“During this entire campaign, we were faced with public opinion polls. Some placed us in first place and I always thought that we were going to win the elections and that we are going to win these elections,” said the candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT ), from a downtown hotel in São Paulo and in the midst of a climate that was far from effusive.

Moments after that speech, the former Brazilian president published a tweet in which he stressed that “it is not always possible” to win in the first round. In fact, during a part of his public appearance, he had remembered that he never asserted himself in that way.

“I always won in the second round. The important thing (of the ballot) is the chance to mature the vote and build a network of alliances before winning in order to show the people how you are going to govern that country. We are on that path,” he stressed.

In the social network, he also completed: “I am motivated by the belief that nothing happens by chance. This is just an extension.”

In parallel, he asked citizens to remember “what happened 4 years ago” and was motivated by the possibility of having a “face to face” debate with Bolsonaro, before the second round on October 30.

“To the misfortune of some, we have more than 30 days to campaign. I love discussing with Brazilian society and it will be important to have a debate with the president of the republic to find out if he is going to continue telling lies,” Lula fired.

He also indicated that while “he was considered a person outside of politics”, he maintained that he would “come back with more strength and more will”, and considered that this is “a second chance that the Brazilian people” give him.

Looking to the future, he stated: “We are going to have to convince Brazilian society. Life goes on and we are going to the end.”

“We hope to have the support and solidarity of each one of you, in the tireless work that each one does,” he added.

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