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Luis Lacalle Pou has Covid-19 and leaves the Summit of the Americas

Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle Pou got off at the last minute from participating in the Summit of the Americas which will take place this week in Los Angeles, United States. As reported by himself through social networks, he gave Covid-19 positive and must remain in Uruguay.

Lacalle Pou thus becomes another of the leaders who will not be part of the meeting led by Joe Biden. In his case it is about health problems, on the other hand, his peers Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador canceled their participation due to differences with the United States Government.

“Due to the trip tomorrow to the Summit of the Americas in the US, I had a PCR today. The result of it was that I am positive for COVID 19. As a result of this situation,n should I cancel all activities during the next few days”, communicated the Uruguayan president.

Alberto Fernández questioned his attendance at times, but finally, after a telephone conversation last week with Biden, he confirmed that he will be present. He will travel this Tuesday night with his entourage that will include Sergio Massa.

The absence of so many leaders, according to some experts, could become a source of embarrassment for US President Joe Biden, who has had a hard time imposing his country’s leadership in a region with a high level of mistrust of the United States and where the China’s influence has grown.

Earlier this Monday, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that he will not attend the Summit to protest the exclusion, by the United States, of the rulers of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

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