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Luis Juez, against Cristina Kirchner: “It is difficult for them to open your daughter’s safe and find five and a half green sticks”

Luis Juez, a senator for Córdoba from Together for Change, once again pointed harshly at Cristina Kirchner, after the maneuver he devised in the National Congress to keep one more place in the Council of the Judiciary. This time, he referred to her “judicial problems” and even included her daughter, Florencia Kirchner, in the harsh questions.

“For her, it is almost child’s play what he did to have one more bank in the Council, where it is very complicated, because it has no less than 50 interventions”, the legislator began in an interview he gave to LN+.

Then he continued: “He has complicated causes. He got rid of those that were easy, but the patrimonial causes are more difficult, because accountants intervene and there are skills. It is difficult for them to open your daughter’s safe and find five and a half green sticks, and you have no way to explain it“.

Meanwhile, he ratified his intention to take the vice president to justice: “I’m going to go deep against Cristina. She is a woman who has managed to impose panic, but I I’m not afraid”.

On the other hand, he accused Alberto Fernández of having bought his candidacy for president by offering Cristina that “he was going to solve her legal problems.” However, “for his uselessness, his loss of credibility, his manifest incapacity and the destruction of the presidential wordHe couldn’t keep his word.”

Luis Judge in the Senate of the National Congress. Photo Juano Tesone

“As Alberto couldn’t, didn’t want to or doesn’t know, or all of that plus his uselessness, Cristina put the fifth down hard and now she’s going forward with all these issues, knowing that no one is going to tell you anything. That is why you can afford to put together two blocks in the Senate,” he attacked.

And he completed: “What governor is going to complain about what Cristina does with her senators? They all complain quietly. Bernardo, Zorro’s assistant, raises his voice more than the governors. They are not going to speak, because Peronism works with billetazos. The governors who have a delicate balance with their budgets still need this weak Alberto Fernández.”

Finally, he shot the president: “I met another Alberto Fernández. this is a cartoon. He was probably a very raunchy guy to be behind the screen, but now that he’s fallen over he’s shown a manifest inability to make decisions. I knew a roguish chief of staff. This Alberto scares me“.

The mistakes of Macri’s mandate and the return of the “worst Peronism”

“Our government was not good. Otherwise, Kirchnerism would not have returned. We returned to Argentina the worst face of Peronism, which is Kirchnerism. That Kirchnerism today comes for everything “, he lamented regarding the presidential mandate of Mauricio Macri.

Mauricio Macri and Luis Juez before the 2015 presidential elections. Photo Archivo Clarín

Mauricio Macri and Luis Juez before the 2015 presidential elections. Photo Archivo Clarín

Regarding the shortcomings of that government, he was honest: “We lacked capacity, courage, decision, intelligence, politics. We lacked politics: political problems are solved with politics, sitting down and discussing them. We lacked knowledge of history, not knowing that in this country, time runs at a galloping speed for a non-Peronist government.”

“When Peronism governs, the blacks put stones in the hourglass. Time no longer passes. Now, when the government is not Peronist, impatience is generalized. Guys have a monopoly on stone throwers. They have blacks unionized by size of rubble“, he added.

On the other hand, he suggested that the opposition needs another electoral figure and not a “second time” for Macri: “I don’t underestimate anyone, but I think we should build another question. If not, we are like the dog that wants to bite our tails, going around for hours. We have to encourage ourselves to build. We have to be more energetic to stand up, more forceful when it comes to claiming.”


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