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Luc Rémont at EDF: future CEO or… CEO?

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The State chose to propose the name of Luc Rémont to lead the public company. But a non-executive chairman could join him.

By Michel Revol

Luc Rémont, September 23, 2015.
© Christophe Morin / MAXPPP / IP3 PRESS/MAXPPP

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Luc Rémont is not yet the boss of EDF. The head of Schneider Electric’s international activities was chosen by the State, shareholder, to succeed Jean-Bernard Lévy, but he still has to obtain the approval of the parliamentary committees, as is now the rule, which should not not pose any difficulties. Above all, he must know what his role as boss will cover. For the time being, he takes the title of CEO, that of Lévy. But the majority shareholder has not abandoned his idea of ​​dissociating governance, entrusting the reins of the public company (it should soon be 100%) to a non-executive chairman and a managing director.

It was the desire of the government from the start. In Bercy, we also evoke a doctrine, applicable for several years…

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