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Looking for ‘depa’? In Reforma and Insurgentes there are 53% of offices available to convert

The corridors of Insurgents and Reformation currently concentrate the 53 percent of available spaces unoccupiedthat it could be reconverted or reused for other uses like housingas indicated by the government of Mexico City to generate new affordable housing supply in the city.

“Of the corridors considered by the Government of Mexico City for the reconversion of spaces, Insurgents and Reformation are the ones with the greatest potential, since they concentrate the 53 percent availability of class B offices”, pointed out the real estate platform Datoz, directed by Sergio Mireles.

The company noted that one of the requirements for the conversion of office buildingsaccording to the plans of the capital government, is that the property shows characteristics of deterioration or disusegenerally from buildings with a B classification, which are older.

insurgents has a class B inventory of 1 million square meters, of which 185 thousand square meters are available, while the inventory of this class in Reforma is 532 thousand square meters of which 128 thousand meters are available. These runners are followed Polanco and Periférico Sur”, he specified.

yesterday Wednesday, the CDMX government announced that there are 9 projects registered to reconvert about 50 thousand square meters of empty or unused offices due to the pandemicin an offer of more than 750 homes in corridors of the capital in the coming months, news that real estate and home builders saw as positive to reactivate the industry.

Datoz pointed out that the winners to get your job back will be the most modern or new buildings, classified as A and A+. However, he stressed that it is still necessary to see the willingness and strategies of office owners with the possibility of reconverting to see the new offer.

“It would be necessary to see the disposition of the owners of these buildings such as Fibra Uno, Grupo Frel, JYSA, Grupo Surge, among others, for the reconversion of their corporate spaces. It should be noted that Fibra Uno has already converted a couple of buildings for medical services and is among its plans to convert between three and four for housing”, he commented.

Currently, the office market in Mexico City has an offer of more than 10.7 million square meters of offices, of which 28 percent are Class B, with 3 million meters, of which more than 600 thousand are available or without tenant.

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