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London police chief, who was investigating Boris Johnson’s parties, resigns

London Metropolitan Police chief resigns, who was investigating illegal parties at 10 Downing St and Prime Minister Boris Johnson during lockdown. In yet another scandal rocking the kingdom and its institutions, Lady Cressida Dick tendered her resignation as head of the “Met” on Thursday night under pressure from London Labor Mayor Sadiq Khan.

The official considered that the police, graduated from the University of Oxford, was not up to the leadership needed to change homophobic, racist, sexist and misogynistic behavior in the London police force.

Cressida Dick will abruptly step down as police chief in a few weeks, after a replacement is found. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said it was clear “the only way to start generate the scale of the required change is to have new leadership at the top.”

Khan put the Met’s police commissioner “on notice” last week. In February 2022, Scotland Yard officers were convicted of misconduct by the police watchdog, which included racism, misogyny, harassment and offensive messages on social networks.

Cressida Dick, in London. AP Photo

Without confidence

The investigation was launched after an allegation that an officer had sex with an intoxicated person at a police station. But then he discovered much more.

Sadiq Khan’s entire confidence in the Met depended on her coming up with a solid plan to deal with a change in behavior. But she said that “was not satisfied” with the commissioner’s response.

In a statement Thursday night Khan said: “Upon being informed of this, Dame Cressida Dick has said she will step aside.

Khan had called Dick into a meeting at 4:30 p.m. She didn’t go and He resigned. Cressida Dick was the first gay female police chief in London’s history.

But Dick’s resignation surprised everyone with its speed, its brutality and its closeness to the criminal investigation, surrounding Prime Minister Boris Johnson and to the parties in Downing St and his eventual next interrogation.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.  Reuters photo

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Reuters photo

the johnson case

The police force has also been accused of act too much late in investigating these alleged parties at Downing St and at all ministerial offices in the Whitehall area.

Khan declined to comment on the police chief’s role in the investigation but mentioned “politicians who have broken the law.”

Later, Dame Cressida said that she felt that “I had no choice”. But that “with great sadness” he was resigning, in front of television cameras.

“It is clear that the mayor no longer confident enough in my leadership to continue,” he said. “You have left me no choice but to step aside as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service,” she concluded.

Following the announcement, Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanked him for “protecting the public and making our streets safer.” “Give me Cressida has served his country with great dedication and distinction for many decades,” the premier said.

The former police chief confronted the terrorist attacks in London, the case of Brazilian Jean Charles Menezez, who was killed by the police when he was mistaken for a suicide bomber, and the murder of Sarah Everard by a police officer.

Ken Marsh, president of the Metropolitan Police Federation, said he believed that Dame Cressida had been treated in a “totally unfair” way” and that she was “much loved among the rank and file of the Metropolitan Police Service”.



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