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Lizarazu: “If Mbappé goes to Real Madrid, it will be an unforgivable mistake by PSG”

Kylian Mbappé showed once again last night against Real Madrid that he is an “exceptional”, decisive and “professional” player who will give everything for Paris Saint Germain, according to Bixente Lizarazuwho considers that if he leaves at the end of the season it would be a “very serious” management mistake for the French club.

“He is an exceptional player, galacticcapable of changing the course of a game on its own. He is the star of PSG this year.”Lizarazu highlighted this Wednesday in France Infothe station where he is a football analyst.

The former French international commented on his performance in Tuesday’s match, in which he scored the winning goal for the Paris team in stoppage time in a move that once again revealed “his cold blood”.

“There is no debate, he is the absolute star, the one above all others,” he said before being convinced that he will comply with PSG until the last moment because “he is a professional” and “he will give everything for his team”.

Mbappe’s future

“If he goes to Real Madrid,” he added, “it will be a serious managerial error by PSG for not having been able to convince him… Losing a player of this profile, of this talent, with his youth, would be a very serious mistake.”.

For the former Athletic and Bayern Munich player, his possible departure from the French capital club if it materializes would be for “a set of things” and not for money since that should not be a problem for PSG and for its Qatari owners.

All the more reason not to let him escape considering that “He is exceptional both for his (soccer) talent and for his personality, for his intelligence, by the perspective with which he sees things. And all of that at his age.”

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