Friday, September 29, 2023
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Linking of ‘User ID’ with Aadhaar will allow booking of 24 train tickets in a month

New Delhi, June 6 (Agency)

By linking their ‘User ID’ with ‘Aadhaar’, people can now book 24 train tickets in a month through the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website and (mobile) app, otherwise only 12 tickets. can be booked. Indian Railways made this announcement on Monday. Till now, IRCTC allowed people to book six tickets in a month if the account (user ID) was not linked with Aadhaar and 12 tickets could be booked if linked with it. In a statement, the Ministry of Railways said, “In order to facilitate the passengers, Indian Railways has increased the maximum number of tickets to be booked in a month from six to 12 using User ID (Identity) which is not linked with Aadhaar.” It said, “While the maximum limit of tickets that can be booked in a month by Aadhar linked user ID has been increased to 24. Also, one of the passengers whose name will be there in the ticket to be booked should be verified through Aadhaar. Those who book train tickets for family members from the same account (user ID).

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