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Like in Transformers: they create a giant humanoid robot that turns into a car and is controlled from the inside

Ryo Yoshida, CEO of the new company Tsubame Industries, has just created the imposing Archaxa modular robot inspired by Japanese mecha culture that appears in series like Gundam or movies like Transformers.

It is a mass that measures 4.5 meters height and weight 3.5 tons. It can become a car and reach a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. In addition, it has 26 joints that allow it to perform different types of movements.

“Japan is very good at animation, games, robots and cars, so I thought it would be great to create a product that brings all these elements together,” says its creator.

ARCHAX has a vertical “robot mode” and a “vehicle mode”. The pilot is located on the torso and can operate the device with a joystick in any mode, seeing what is outside through cockpit monitors.

The imposing ARCHAX from Tsubame Industries.

Two joysticks, pedals and a touch screen are part of this command console, providing precise and complete control over the mecha’s actions.

The ARCHAX control panel is a masterpiece of ergonomics. Its design resembles that of machinery used in construction, allowing operators to feel comfortable and familiar with the controls.

“This is an idea where the pilot would not only get on board a robot, but would also feel as if he himself became the robot, as if he became gigantic,” explains Yoshida.

In turn, it has external cameras that show live images to the cabin monitors and this allows it to move. Its structure is based on four support legs that are articulated and support the robotic torso, although its way of moving is thanks to a four-wheel system.

ARCHAX is built on a robust chassis, a combination of iron and aluminum alloy, which provides stability and resistance to this mechanical colossus. Its exterior, on the other hand, is mainly composed of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), a material that offers an ideal combination of lightness and durability.

Another of its features is the ability to lift objects up to 15 kilograms thanks to its articulated fingers. This robot is much more than a mere visual spectacle.

Beyond his aesthetic, Yoshida intends to build and sell five ARCHAX and hopes that it can be used to control disasters, assist in earthquakes or in the space industry.

The price per unit reaches 400 million yen or about 2.75 million dollars. At the moment, it comes in five shades: sapphire blue, pearl white, spark red, atlantis green and midnight purple.

Guardian robots

Robot dogs.Robot dogs.

As anticipated in an episode of Black Mirror, robotic dogs are beginning to be a trend. These devices aim to become a tool for controlling the perimeters of gated communities and factories.

Its technical characteristics are mostly powered by artificial intelligence. With a “brain” (CPU) of 16 cores and a 384-core graphics card (GPU), these robots have powerful software that allows them to interact with a variety of applications and advanced data analysis.

In addition, they offer live transmission to a monitoring center using thermal cameras and many other features.

The robots have an intelligent lateral accompaniment system, that is, they can walk without interference next to their human, which is more efficient and safer than the conventional following mode. The interaction is harmonious and safe, almost like the natural interaction with a pet.

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