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“Lightyear” highlights the importance of animal care

Disney Y pixar they have managed to entertain generations of fans with narratives that appeal to emotion and that underline the importance of friendship. As the iconic Toy Story song said, “you’ve got a friend in me”. Now with “Lightyear”, a film that tells the origin of the iconic character Buzz Lightyear, the plot explores another element of friendship: the special connection you have with animals.

In this new proposal, the hero Buzz Lightyear embarks on a mission impossible adventure and can only be achieved with the help of his best friend and accomplice Sox, a robotic cat who plays a very important role in the development of Buzz as a person and professional. Sox is a gift from Alisha, Buzz’s commander, to the adventurer. Intended to ease the Space Ranger’s emotional transition after his time away, Sox basically exists to make Buzz happy by being the friend and companion he needs in times of uncertainty.

Sox is also an expert in generating white noise or better known in English as “white noise” to calm Buzz’s nerves and is capable of performing complicated calculations, which is extremely useful in the story. According to actor Peter Sohn, who voices the cat, “Sox is like your best friend and digital assistant, all rolled into one cute robot cat. His voice is so charming and projects a perfect blend of intelligence and innocence.

The friendship that Buzz and Sox establish is not far from the special relationship that exists in the real world between humans and animals / pets. The benefits of having a pet in the family are well documented in academia and by everyday people. In addition to providing unconditional love, a pet provides companionship when you need it most, since they are able to comfort and provide emotional support. They are the ideal accomplice to navigate the routines of life, which is why their care and protection is urgent. The production team behind “Lightyear” seeks to amplify this message to its international audience through the relationship between Sox and Buzz.

“Lightyear” tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear and his journey from being a royal space ranger to being one of Andy’s favorite toys. Who was Buzz Lightyear before he ran into Woody and his friends? This movie will tell us.

Lightyear premieres in Puerto Rico on Thursday, June 16, only in theaters.

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