Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Liga F, new brand of the Professional Women’s Soccer League

Callao City Lights Cinema hosted the launch of the F League in an event hosted by the president of the F League, Beatriz Álvarez Mesa, and the vice president, Rubén Alcaine.

The event, in which the absence of representatives of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), It was attended by more than two hundred representatives of clubs, soccer players, managers, political groups, sponsors, the media, athletes and leaders of the main sports organizations.

With the presentation of its new brand image, the F League faces the start of the season as a professional with historic news after having closed a commercial agreement with LaLiga and the sale of audiovisual rights to Dazn and Mediapro.

Dazn will broadcast the eight matches of the day exclusively worldwide, while Mediapro will broadcast one of them openly through GOAL.

Women’s football came to earn 3 million euros per season a few years ago thanks to Mediapro, but the conflicts generated under the management of the RFEF knocked down the project and last season there was no income in audiovisual matters in a collective and stable way.

Now, after the professionalization of the F League, in addition to guaranteeing the broadcast of the entire competition around the world, women’s football will receive 7.2 million euros per season for this concept, a historical milestone and the largest amount generated by women’s football in Spain.

During the presentation of the new brand, Beatriz Álvarez highlighted the historic moment that women’s football is experiencing among Spaniards. “Women’s football deserves to be professional and independent and to be allowed to try because we are going to be the door for other sports to be professional. This is everyone’s project and we are going to carry it out with our values ​​of humility and loyalty”, highlighted.

The F League starts this weekend with the aim of positioning women’s football at the top and demonstrating the value and interest of the competition.

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