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lie how you breathe

THEY WERE THE FIRST days of October 2018. The national meeting of attorneys was held in the city of Oaxaca.

In the office of the then PGR dispatcher, Alberto Elias Beltranit was considered prudent to invite the next Secretary of the Interior, the retired minister Olga Sanchez Cordero.

From her arrival, a protocol group was available to receive her, in addition to the logistics and security team. So it was.

The captivating tone and attitude of today’s senator was remarkable. Accompanied by the researcher Ana Laura Magaloni and the then municipal president of Puebla, Louis Bank.

They presented different points of view about the administration of justice in the country and what was supposed to change with the arrival of the new regime of Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorthat of the 4T.

When he left abruptly, but not before saying in a banquet interview to La Jornada “we will finish off the carnal prosecutors and by the way”, Sánchez Cordero got back into the vehicle and ranted all the way with Magaloni, particularly against the outgoing officials. .

In the 20 minutes of the return trip, he did not stop criticizing, insulting and threatening what he said he would do with all the officials, to the point that the driver who ordered the PGR returned alarmed, because of what he had just witnessed and heard.

Those who know her are not surprised by the impulsive and judging part, not to say critical, of Sánchez Cordero, which has led her to damage or even lose relationships, not only work, but friendships, to say the least and behind her back.

There are the cases of his, in the past, protected, and now unknown. The two, unpresentable: Juan Collado and Ricardo Peralta. It is worth saying that if that is the treatment of those close to them, it is and has been worse for those who are not.

In that transition stage, recently proposed by López Obrador as head of the Interior, Sánchez Cordero presumed to feel liberated and to be able to fully enter the political arena.

She remembered her activism in 1968 and was seen with great expectations of what she would do as the first woman to head the Ministry of the Interior, including legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

The early designation forced the Tabascan, already president, to keep his word, although it was already evident to him the political shortcomings suffered by those who would operate internal politics, which she continues to attribute to the machismo of cabinet colleagues and her own boss.

Hence, the President chose to delegate or assume some tasks for which Sánchez Cordero did not give the width: Marcelo Ebrardto address the migratory problem by operating directly.

And Julio Scherer leading the relationship with the legislative and judicial powers, the latter, particularly with the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, could never be accepted and assimilated by the secretary in her capacity as a retired minister.

The stumbles and recklessness kept happening: Sánchez Cordero as a substitute for López Obrador in the morning referring to the important media that his boss attacked and considered conservative.

The video where he supported another unpresentable, Jaime Bonillato illegally extend his term as governor in Baja California to five years.

And the last one in the Interior, her abrupt departure because they told her at the last minute that she was coming to relieve her Adam Augusto Lopezcareless eviction from the Cobián Palace, leaving several boxes with documents, including a libel against the then Legal Counselor of the Presidency.

His vengeful character and desire for protagonism have been evident throughout his professional career. She also talks about the urgent need to take opposition exams to access a notary’s office, when she, her husband and her son have been notaries without contest.

His departure from the Interior was due more to a rematch against Julio Scherer than to the admission of a lack of energy and talent to hold the position.

Although they were never close and to the prosecutor Alexander Gertz It infuriated him that Sánchez Cordero treated with López Obrador reparatory agreements or opportunity criteria, of exclusive competence of the prosecutor, today they coincide in a common enemy.

lie how you breathe

YESTERDAY IT WAS FULFILLED punctually the scenario that we advanced in the vote of the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN). The seven votes against the unconstitutionality of the Electricity Industry Law of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. As we anticipated and confirmed: Margarita Rios Farjat, Javier Laynez, Norma Pineapple, Alberto Perez Dayan, George Mario Brown, Juan Luis Gonzalez Alcantara Carranca and Luis Maria Aguilar They will go down in history for having had enough vision and not being intimidated by the tenant of the National Palace. In return, the four ministers who gave the President enough votes to keep his law alive and the monopoly power of the CFE, were the rapporteur minister Loretta Ortiz Ahlf, Yasmin Esquivel Mossa, Arturo Zaldivar and Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mena. On the eve we drew attention to the last two. The meaning of Zaldívar’s vote was not surprising: his subordination to the causes of the 4T no longer surprises many. But the case of the former head of the SAT did disappoint many. He decided to give up the vote that could totally change the equation and put an end to the legal uncertainty, in exchange for a promise from the Secretary of the Interior, Adam Augusto Lopez, to be the next president of the SCJN as of January 2023. But as we informed you, despite the 4T it was not enough to bring down the amparos and these will end up being settled and accumulated in the judicial instances. The judges will be guided by the majority opinion of the other ministers, who described last year’s law as unconstitutional.

lie how you breathe

THE CFE, THAT handles Manuel Bartlett, is already preparing to issue restricted invitations for Phase 2 of the solar farm in Puerto Peñasco. We refer to the main solar energy project of the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Now they are going to generate another 300 megawatts on the same 2,000-hectare plot that the owner of Grupo Vidanta donated to 4T, Daniel Chavez. Phase 1 was won last February by the Franco-Hispanic Seselec, from Jesus Frank, contract for about 100 million dollars to generate 110 megawatts. Now we are talking about tripling the capacity, hence the value that the CFE is calculating for this tender exceeds 500 million. There are already several European and Asian groups interested in joining him.

lie how you breathe

HE IS IN MEXICO Citi’s number two. Paco Ybarrasecond in command of Jane Frasercame to review the investment strategy of the group that leads here Manuel Romo in corporate banking, which is the business segment in which they will continue to operate in the following years, once they sell their consumer, business, insurance and Afore banking. I informed you about three weeks ago that Ybarra is precisely the one who will lead this divestiture process for which Banorte has already raised their hand Carlos Hank GonzalezSantander of Ana Botininbursa of Charles Slim and a group that leads Antonio del Valle Ruiz. Of course, Ybarra also comes to give the flag to the opening of the data room which is about to be opened to those interested in Citibanamex.

SO NOTHING, WHAT Without warning and right in the middle of the declarations of companies and individuals, the SAT changed its Internet page making it practically impossible to make the declaration. In addition, if a taxpayer registers a balance in favor or losses pending amortization, he cannot do so. In fact, when you want to prove them, the system automatically deletes them, preventing them from being included in the tax return. This violates all rights of the taxpayer. Some want to complain to the body chaired by Rachelbut does not receive them. Not a few companies want to escalate the issue through their unions.

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