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‘Left has no chance of replacement if Congress collapses in India’; CPI rejects CPM line

Thiruvananthapuram: The CPI (M) has said that the Left does not have the ability to change the Congress if it collapses at the Center. MP Binoy Vishwam. Where the Congress collapsed, the RSS He added that organizations will be accommodated. P.T. His response was at the Thomas Memorial.

In today’s Indian politics, the BJP-RSS We, the Left, are aware of the emptiness that will arise if the Congress collapses in the face of the challenge posed by the organizations. Therefore, I say in the midst of all the disputes in Kerala – if the Congress collapses, the Left in India today does not have the kelp to fill the void left by that collapse. The Sangh Parivar and its fascist ideologies are likely to fill that void. In order to avoid that, I think the Congress should try not to collapse by remembering Nehru, ”Binoy Vishwat said.

Binoy Vishwat, who is also a member of the party’s national secretariat, said the response was in line with the CPI’s political stance. Even during the split in 1964, the CPI (M) was soft on the Congress. The CPI (M) claims that it can create an alternative at the national level by ignoring the Congress during the BJP’s growth phase. Do not care.

But the CPM has a different view on this. The draft political resolution prepared before the 22nd Party Congress on cooperation with the Congress was widely discussed in the CPM. Discussions on this issue have also taken place within the CPM during the drafting of the draft political resolution ahead of the 23rd Party Congress.

Although the national leadership denies this, there have been some reactions on the issue. Pinarayi Vijayan, a politburo member and Kerala Chief Minister, said that the Congress could not replace the BJP at the national level and that it could be done by the Left forces.

It is estimated that there are some organizational reasons behind Binoy Vishwat’s response. The CPI (M) is the B team of the CPM in Kerala. Criticism of Maari is very strong within the party. Criticism is also active within the party that it is a leadership that moves with the CPM in all matters. At this stage, the leaders have the responsibility to state their position and not with the CPM in all matters. There are indications that Binoy Vishwat’s response should be met with such criticism.

content highlights: if congress crashes, left wing can not become an alternative- cpi mp binoy viswam


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