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Laura Valentín embodies evil so that the light shines in “The Passion 5″

Embodying the character that represents evil, deceit, cruelty, division, and selfishness for the Puerto Rican dancer Laura Valentin it is a resurgence of the “darkness so that the light shines brighter”.

The experienced dancer participates, for the third time, in the piece “The Passion 5” to interpret “Satan” in the danced show that commemorates one of the great stories of humanity: the life, passion and death of Jesus of Nazareth.

Once again the production will go on stage in the midst of the celebration of Holy Week by Christians and believers. The Paseo de las Artes de Caguas will become the City of Jerusalem for the second time, on Sunday, April 9 starting at 3:30 pm The family event will close with the presentation of the work “The Passion 5″, where Valentín gives life to the greater demon that represents evil in society.

“In reality, everything that the Lord calls us to do we have to do with excellence. It’s hard because playing the character of Satan who is evil, deceitful, divisive and dark with excellence is hard. But, the better one manages to interpret that darkness, the more the light will shine, which is what we want. The important thing is to go deeper into the darkness so that the light of Christ shines and it is the task that I have and that I accept from my relationship with God”, affirmed the dancer who was trained since she was little with Christian values, but it was not until 2000 that she had an approach and encounter with God that changed his perspective on life.

March 31, 2023 the dancer Laura Valentín speaks and shows how through dance she can give life to the character of Satan in the staging “The Passion” that will be presented in the town of Caguas during Holy Week david.villafane@gfrmedia. com (David Villafane/Staff)

A few years ago, the prima ballet dancer slowed down in her professional facet as a dance company was not represented. Now she only participates in works and pieces by invitation or, as in this case, that she rejoins the cast of “The Passion” because of her commitment and faith in bringing a message of values ​​to society through a staging. Valentín is fully involved in her teaching facet as director of the Centro Danza academy. In her academy, she receives boys and girls from 3 years old to adults.

From this piece, he highlighted that the public reaction to seeing Satan is always impressive, because he is the malevolent figure. In this edition, new scenes are added, such as that of the temptations and the desert, when Jesus is tempted by the devil.

The production returns to the scene with some 60 dancers and artists who come together to present more than four dance disciplines with theatrical interpretation. Under the production of Kiara Pita and from the Senderos de la Fe Restoration House, the work, which narrates the life of Jesus of Nazareth, this time will have a greater focus on the power of the Holy Spirit, the presence of Jesus and the change he caused in his disciples.

The producer Pita explained to El Nuevo Día that each staging has some variants and although the development of the story is the life, work and death of Jesus, on this occasion, attendees will be able to learn about the transformation of the disciples with the power of Holy Spirit, what steps did Peter take after the death of Jesus.

“This time we start with the baptism of Jesus, his life and then we stay with the story of the disciples. What happens to the disciples after the encounter with the Holy Spirit, what happens to Peter after he denied Jesus and Jesus forgives him? How is that restoration and the power of the Holy Spirit, which is what we are highlighting, and how does it pass from Pentecost to the others?” Pita explained.

Valentín, for his part, invited to see the production because “it is a story for everyone, believer or non-believer.”

“We are talking about a man (Jesus) who has transcended through time and history. He celebrates his birth, his life and all the things we celebrate through the figure of Jesus. We must all give ourselves the opportunity to know a story that tells who Jesus is and why he is so forceful. Those of us who are Christians will reaffirm why we follow this precious man who is our salvation, present and future. Those who are not believers will come closer to history and will be able to understand why we follow them”, specified the dancer who has been dancing for 36 years; she is 44.

The show will feature a team of first-class choreographers made up of Valentín, Hycliff Soler, Lunail Colón, Ircamar García, Amarilys Rodríguez, Kantareh Román, Yeranthony Martínez and Pita.

Outdoors in Caguas

The motivation of the production with this project, like last year, is to provide an experience rich in experiences to the community. It is for this reason that the event returns from 3:00 p.m. to the Paseo de las Artes in Caguas free of charge, thanks to the support of the municipality of Caguas.

The so-called “City of Jerusalem” recreated in space It will include multiple activities including a workshop with El Alfarero (Mario Ríos and family), mini animal farm, a living museum of the Bible, Mediterranean food and the Tabernacle, among other initiatives.

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