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Laura Pausini releases single “Durar” as a preview of her new album

“Span”a “power ballad” by the Italian artist Laura Pausini which marks the passage of time and the different stages of life, was launched this Friday on digital music platforms as a preview of the vocalist’s new album, “Parallel souls”which will be out in October.

“Durar”, produced by Michelangelo and Paolo Carta, is also “a “deep and heartfelt declaration of love” and reflects “two different lives that between ups and downs meet in one, the most important, to endure and go crazy together,” according to a statement dated today in Miami.

After “A good start”, “Durar”, which can be heard in both Spanish and Italianis the official single that anticipates the new unreleased album by Laura Pausini.

“From the first moment in the studio, when I started to perform this song that I wrote two years ago with Edwyn Roberts and Paolo Antonacci, I knew that it would be the first single from my new album with which I wanted to present myself after so long,” said the artist in the statement.

“This song,” adds the vocalist, “is about how it is possible for me to continue believing in love stories that want to build a path of life together.”

“Know each other, desire each other, imagine each other, understand each other and even go crazy together. To discover how good it is to share a destination. Span. It is possible,” she added.

The new single premiered live on stage at the Italian Music Awardslive from the Verona Arena in prime time on Rai1, details the information.

Pausini has announced the global launch on October 27 of their new album, “Almas paralleles”a “conceptual” album in which he will tell “individual stories through different experiences.”

“Almas paralleles” arrives five years after the last album of the Italian studio, “Make yourself feel” (2018) and its premiere is part of the celebration of her 30-year career, which began in 1993 with her triumph in Sanremo with “La solitude”.

The album, according to a statement from its production company, “celebrates people by telling individual stories through different experiences.”

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