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Laura Bozzo announces her return to Mexican television: ‘Acts and not words’

After being absent from television for several months, the host Laura Bozzo will return to the small screennow with the company Image Televisionto continue working ‘for social causes’, work he did for many years in his native Peru and in Mexico with Televisa.

A few hours ago his ‘triumphant return’ was announced during the morning show the sun riseswhere Gustavo Adolfo Infanteone of the program’s owners, dedicated a few words before entering the forum.

“We want to welcome you to a controversial womana woman who loves television; is a television animalis a generator of controversy, generator of rating… Okay, not even the police have arrested her because when they have arrested her, she has broadcast from the television forum, and despite all the adversities, we are very happy to receive a television star who joins Imagen Televisión: she is Laura Bozzo”.

Laura Bozzo will have a new program on Mexican television

In an interview with the program, Laura expressed that she was very happy to return to television: “I am excited, I am happy. It’s been many years of pain, of sufferingand for me this program is my life, it is my husband, it is my daughters, It’s everything for me, being able to help, changing people’s lives”, he commented on the air.

During his participation in the morning show on Imagen TV, he explained that thanks to the television network will make the capsules of ‘Laura Cases Solved’where she will present cases of a social nature that came to her and in which she intervened so that they were resolved satisfactorily.

“Today’s Laura is going to go out on the street to find and expose those cases that deserve a voice. Those battered women, those abused children.”

the driver of Laura in America did not say when it will be integrated on television, because they are still preparing for the series of capsules that the ‘Miss Laura‘, who will ensure social justice and causes that need help.

She also mentioned that her entire work team migrated with her to this new stage in her career as a presenter. “I am very grateful to my team and everyone who gave me the opportunity. My whole team came with me”, he finished.

Laura Bozzo expresses her happiness on social networks

On the other hand, Laura, 69, uploaded a video to social networks of her welcome to the program, where she thanked the new opportunity that she was being given on Mexican television.

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“Thank you Imagen TV for this opportunity to return with my Mexican audience that I love with all my soul […] I learned from my mistakes, I come back with everything and the works speak for me. Will Laura Solved Cases so that they can see the help and how we changed the lives of so many people, very excited, ”reads her publication, where her followers took the opportunity to congratulate her.

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