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Larreta’s categorical rejection of indefinite re-elections: ‘In the City there is no, there was not and there will never be’

After the approval of the reform of the law that limited the re-elections of mayors in the Buenos Aires legislature, the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, was against and shot a harsh definition.

“I’m in disagreement with indefinite re-elections. In fact in the city There is not, there was not and there will never be“said Larreta.

Thus closed a press conference in which he spoke of the measures that the City will implement in the face of the rise in positive cases in the third wave of coronavirus.

In addition, he sent a message to the provinces for the tests: “It is very important that all districts do our best to test more“.

The Juntos por el Cambio official started his speech saying that “we are better prepared to face this increase in cases“He explained that since you know what situation you are in, you can” act with more responsibility and take better care of ourselves. “

As reported, on December 27 and 28 there was a record of tests in the district with 90 thousand, “of which 80 thousand were in the public system,” detailed Larreta.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Fernán Quiros at a press conference. Photo capture.

“In the City we have a daily testing rate of one for every 60 inhabitants, it is a very high rate. Makes us the district that we do the most testing per inhabitant“, he highlighted, and asked the rest of the provinces to test more.

“It is very important that all districts let’s do our best to test more. Massive tests are a fundamental tool to cut the chain of infections, “he insisted.

Along these lines, he said that it is expected that in the next few days “the self-tests” that already work in many countries, “will be approved,” and that allow people to buy it in a pharmacy, the test is done at home and in a little while they have the result, “said the head of the Buenos Aires government.

Autotest and Delta combined with Omicron

In turn, the City’s health minister, Fernán Quirós, agreed that the self-test “is one more instrument” in this fight against the pandemic, as was each of the tools that were previously implemented.

In this way, he detached himself from his Buenos Aires counterpart, Nicolás Kreplak, who said that the Covid self-tests “have many difficulties.”

“The discussion here is not whether it is useful or not, because there are many countries that have used it and demonstrated its usefulness, but rather how we are going to use it,” Quirós fired.

He said that the debate is installed in that place with the other ministers, “to find a way to use it appropriately, especially that it collaborates for each of the citizens who have the will to confirm or rule out that they are sick, and that in addition serve to provide epidemiological information “.

“Surely, with the national government and the 24 jurisdictions we will find the appropriate form of this new tool that will be enabled when the ANMAT approves the first Argentine kit,” he explained.

Regarding the epidemiological situation, Quirós said that both international information and his own, “indicates that these waves of Delta combined with Ómicron cause a lower level of severity and require a significantly lower level of hospitalization.”

“This increase is due to the beginning of our third wave based mainly on the Delta variant as predominant, and in the last 10 days we have started to detect potentially Omicron variants“he explained,

He said that these are preliminary studies that are done with PCR, awaiting genomic sequencing of the Malbrán Hospital.

“To this day the Delta variant is still predominant. But the Omicron variant, with each passing week, is going to take more proportions. In the next 10 days we will surely have a significant increase and a good part of this we can document as circulating Ómicron, “he said.



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