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Laporta issues a warning again for the Negreira case

Joan Laporta, president of Barcelona, ​​has taken the floor in the XIV Congress of Barça Supporters Clubs of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla held in Órgiva (Granada). The culé chief executive continues to maintain that the club has done absolutely nothing illegal around the Negreira case and insists on threatening anyone who questions it.

“They have nothing and all they want is to damage our image and reputation with a demeaning campaign. It is very ugly what they are doing, but with our feelings we do not play. The tactic never changes and it involves trying to drown us with the clear intention of squeezing you until we give in and we are going to defend Barça to the last drop of blood”, Laporta commented.

Laporta also wanted to reiterate that the club’s sporting successes have only come through what they have done on the pitch and not off it: “Because we have always won sportingly on the field of play thanks to the talent and commitment of the players. What they are doing is very ugly and it is not by chance.”

Lastly, the culé president highlighted what Barca values ​​are for him: “There are 123 years of history in which we have shown values, commitment, responsibility, honesty and sportsmanship. At no time have we entered into dynamics that want people to believe what we have done, but, in the end, we are clear that Barça will always be yours.”

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