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Lambda García is the first winner of “Top Chef VIP”

Though Zuleyka Rivera, lambda garcia, Christina Eustace Y Mauritius Islands they showed tonight that they are up to the task of a high-end chef kitchen“Top Chef VIP” only had one winner. This is the Mexican actor Lambda García.

According to the Jury of the first season of the “reality shows” of Telemundotoday they had to make the most difficult decision of all the finery. Juan Manuel Barrientos, Adriana Marina Y Anthony of LivierLikewise, they were pleased with the evolution of today’s “cooks”.

“What a difficult decision, dear colleagues,” De Livier said. Barrientos, on his side, said that he already had a winner. While, Adria Marina, commented: “I have two favorites. I have to write down exact scores to pick the winner.”

Finally, with the four finalists in the center, surrounded by friends and family as well as some former colleagues from “Top Chef VIP”, García was proclaimed the grand winner. Regardless of the decision, it was celebrated by all due to the bonds of friendship they created during the long days of recording.

“I am very happy, happy. First of all I want to thank Zule, Mau, Cris for being in the four finalists. To my friends, because of them I am here. To my family, my people, my people from the networks, production. I’m taking it home (the trophy) with great pleasure, I’m shaking,” the $100,000 cash winner said as he was hugged by his loved ones.

carmen villalobos, who aptly animated night after night, thanked everyone for having given the public the “most exciting experience in everyone’s life”. In fact, the Colombian actress announced last Friday the return of the “reality show” in 2023.

Who is Lambda Garcia

García, also a television host, is 35 years old and achieved fame thanks to his participation in soap operas such as “El Chema” and “Señora de Acero”. His name as a contestant in “the most demanding kitchen in the world” was announced on Tuesday, July 12.

“Lambda is passionate about food, loves learning about the history of flavor, and is an advocate for Mexican cuisine that he learned from his mother and grandmother. However, he loves to travel to try dishes from other countries. In his travels around the world he got to taste scorpions, fried worms and spiders”, Read the winner’s description on the reality page.

Thursday, September 1the Mexican became the fifth eliminated from “Top Chef VIP”, after losing the elimination challenge against Marlene Favela, rodrigo vidal, Gregorio Pernia Y Ferdinand Valencia. The test consisted of preparing wings with a creative sauce and one of the wings prepared by Garcia was raw. The actor’s departure was one of the most unexpected and emotional of the season. Nevertheless, on friday september 8, the celebrities eliminated until that moment, returned to the kitchen to face a challenge and whoever won would return to the competition. In this way, the winner today returned.

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