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“La Provence”: behind the scenes of the daily crisis belonging to Rodolphe Saadé

IThere are at least three keys to understanding the crisis that has erupted in everyday life Provence, based in Marseille and owned since the end of 2022 by the CEO of the shipowner CMA CGM, Rodolphe Saadé. The first and most obvious is its trigger. This is the front page of Thursday March 21 on the “Place net XXL” operation launched two days earlier by President Emmanuel Macron in order to counter the advance of drug trafficking in the Marseille city.

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In a photo where we see two young people from behind and a policewoman walking in front of them, we can read “Narcotraffic, 24 hours after the president’s visit to La Castellane” in the supertitle. It is accompanied by this shocking quote: “He is gone and we are still here…” The…

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