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La Goyco receives Jazz Boricua in advance of his tour of the United States

The La Goyco Community Workshop will sound like jazz again this coming Sunday, March 31, with the presentation of the ensemble Puerto Rican Jazzwhich is preparing to begin its tour of cities in the United States.

The free event will bring to the stage of the Santurcino cultural center the renowned teachers Ángel David Mattos, Ricardo Pons, Georgie Rodríguez and Héctor Matos, who have successfully fused the melodies of Puerto Rican music and jazz through Jazz Boricua.

The quartet will be part of the Jazz Nights that La Goyco celebrates on the last Sunday of the month, an event that has brought together prominent jazz exponents, such as Humberto Ramírez and Miguel Zenón. “We are happy to bring our proposal to such a central space for the defense of Puerto Rican culture in these times; a place that makes art not only a reason for enjoyment, but also for empowerment for the community,” said Mattos, pianist, arranger and leader of the ensemble.

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