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Kyrgios: “They should suppress Roland Garros, it’s the biggest rubbish I’ve ever seen”

Nick Kyrgios, although sometimes it does not seem like it, is still a professional tennis player, however, in the current year 2021 he has played just 15 games in eight tournaments without ever going over 1/16 and falling in the first round in the last ones he played. . For that reason, Nick is back in the news more for what he says off the court than for what he does on the inside.

In an interview for the podcast ‘No Boundaries’, Kyrgios has left several pearls that, as always, have generated controversy.

Australian Open and Roland Garros

“At the Australian Open, the pressure is enormous. Everyone expects a lot from you. In training, if a ‘damn’ escapes me, I already have the media behind me … I can’t do anything. It’s brutal And Roland Garros should take it off the calendar. It’s the biggest Grand Slam crap I’ve ever seen. I love Wimbledon. Even people who don’t follow tennis know about that tournament. It’s the most prestigious. “

Federer, Nadal and Djokovic

“For me, Federer is the Michael Jordan of tennis. What he has achieved for the sport with the fans, with the children … Of the three, I think that the children admire Federer the most. And globally he is the one that most he has done to change the sport. His retirement will hurt tennis, for the sponsors and others. Without Federer, there will be no Djokovic and Nadal because they were chasing him. “

Criticism of Dimitrov by Federer

“The best in history? Right now I would say Federer. He’s the most influential player. His game has been copied. On the circuit there are guys like Dimitrov who have literally copied his game. Buddy, find your own style! Nobody He plays like Djokovic when people imitate Federer. I even imitate his serve at times. If Djokovic wins another Grand Slam, I think he will move on. “


“Kyrie Irving, Novak Djokovic … These guys have given so much and sacrificed so much, and they are also athletes admired by millions of people. I think it is wrong to force one to get vaccinated. I already have two doses of the vaccine, but I can’t force anyone or tell them ‘you can’t play here because you’re not vaccinated.’ There are other solutions, like doing tests every day. Tests from the United States have reached Australia that are 85% effective and you have the results. I don’t think the next Australian Open should be held. A message needs to be sent to Melbourne residents who have been confined for 275 days. “


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