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Krishnapriya killed on eighth day of work; Burning with hatred is the hope of a family

Thikkodi (Kozhikode): No one in the Thikkodi area can forget the sightings in front of the panchayat office at 10 am on Friday. Nadu is shocked that a young woman was killed by pouring petrol on her. Those who were present at the time saw two burnt human bodies in front of the gate. A jar of curry, a bottle of curry, two men’s shoes, a burnt notebook, a bag and two plastic bottles of petrol were all scattered in the area.

It is said that Nandakumar was motivated by the suspicion that Krishnapriya would leave him. He was a local construction worker. She had been undergoing treatment for back pain for some time. He was preparing to go to Sabarimala.

Krishnapriya was the hope of a poor family. Excellent in learning. Plus and degree and MCA are over. On December 9, he got a temporary job as a project assistant in the planning department of Thikkodi panchayath. His father Manojan has a heart condition. However, social and charitable work will be at the forefront.

His mother Sujatha works in soap making. CPM Kuttivayal is a branch member. Brother Yadukrishnan Westhill Govt. He is a Polytechnic student.

On Friday, Manoj’s daughter Sindoori alias Krishnapriya (22) was set on fire by Nandakumar alias Nandu (26) alias Nandu at Thikkodi Valiyamathil in Thikkodi forest. Nandakumar, who then tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire, died on Saturday morning.

The incident took place in front of the Thikkodi panchayat office near the National Highway at 10 am on Friday. Krishnapriya, who was in front of the panchayat office, was stopped as if to speak and petrol was poured on her body and set on fire.

Govindan, an office assistant, and the locals rushed to the spot, drew water and tried to put out the fire. Both were rushed to a medical college hospital but died later in the evening.

Payyoli C.I. K.C. Police led by Subhash Babu and fire brigade from Koyilandy and Vadakara areas had reached the spot. Nandakumar has been working as a laborer in the country. On the 9th of this month, Krishnapriya was appointed as the Project Assistant, Project Assistant in the Panchayat Office.

According to police, Nandakumar’s interest in Krishnapriya and the subsequent disagreement led to the incident. Sujatha is Krishnapriya’s mother. Brother: Yadukrishnan (Westhill Govt. Polytechnic student).

Content Highlights: man burned young lady and himself using petrol


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