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‘Kovalam is an isolated incident’; Rejecting criticism against police Shivankutty

Thiruvananthapuram: Rejecting the criticisms against the police, Minister V. Shivankutty. The work of the police is flawless. He added that Kovalam was an isolated incident. Shivankutty also said that the criticism of Minister Mohammad Riyaz on the Kovalam issue has not been heeded. His response came after he met a foreign national who had been insulted by the Kovalam police.

“In any case, there are pros and cons to taking action. But for the government, the experience of a foreigner can not help but take action when the whole country is debating. The government has taken reasonable action. The police can not be widely blamed. It was done by the police, “said Sivankutty.

content highlights: Minister Sivankutty rules out criticism against police over Kovalam incident


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