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Knee pain: Why is knee pain happening at a young age? Start these yogasanas daily, there will be no complaint of pain even in old age

Knee pain: If you are troubled by pain in the knees, then these yogasanas will help.

Sitting and working continuously or standing for a long time can also cause stiffness and pain in the knees. This problem increases with increasing age, although now only after the age of 30, diseases like Arthritis become home in the body. In such a situation, it is necessary to leave the lazy lifestyle and make the body active and turn to yoga. There are many such yogasanas which if done regularly provide relief in knee pain. You start doing these asanas in the young age itself, which will not be a problem of knees. Let us know which yogasanas are very beneficial for knees.


To get instant relief from knee pain, do these yogasanas daily:

1. Janu Naman Asana

To do this asana, you have to first sit in Dandasana posture. Now bend your right leg from the knee and bring it near the hips. At this time, you have to take both your hands under the Thai and lock it. At this time, while raising the legs upwards, take them forward and again bring them backwards closer to the hips. You have to make an ‘O’ shape by moving the legs back and forth. Try to keep the spine straight while doing this asana. Now the same process has to be repeated with the left leg.

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2. Gulf bowing posture

To start this asana, first sit in Dandasana. Now taking the breath inwards, move the ankles of the feet forward and backward. Move it as far back and forth as possible. You have to repeat this 10 to 15 times. This will feel the stretch in your muscles, due to which you will feel relief in pain.

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3. Janu Chakrasana
For this posture, sit in Dandasana again. Now bend the left knee and bring it near the hips. Now you have to lock your hands by taking them under the knees or thighs. Now while raising your leg upwards, try to make the biggest circle. During this, the spine should be absolutely straight. It also considers that the foot has to be moved according to the capacity. The foot has to be rotated first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. You have to breathe while moving the leg up and release it while taking it down. Now the same process has to be done with the right leg, at least 10-15 do it.

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