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Kiev has received a thousand tons of weapons

Ukrainian service members use US-supplied weapons / REUTERS

Crisis in Ukraine

The Government recognizes that its military and economic capacity has increased after also receiving 1,500 million dollars from the allies

Since the countries in the NATO orbit decided just a month ago to strengthen their military capacity, Ukraine has already received more than a thousand tons of weapons and war equipment. The international community has also provided 1,500 million dollars of economic support, a notable amount but far from the more than 11,000 million that the Government calculates to have lost in a constant flight of capital since the beginning of the pre-war climate.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, detailed the new arsenals that the country has just after announcing the development of maneuvers from tomorrow and until the 20th, coinciding with the joint exercises planned by Russia and Belarus on the other side of the border to test tactics against a hypothetical incursion by extremist groups. The accumulation of troops from the three countries in a narrow corridor has aroused undisguised concern among diplomats working these days in search of a peaceful solution to the conflict in Eastern Europe.

Macron claims to have convinced Zelensky to act as Putin advises

As published on Tuesday by the national media, Kuleba stressed that Kiev is in “constant contact with partners and we continue to consolidate the international coalition in support of Ukraine.” The receipt of supplies from different governments, with the United States and the United Kingdom in the lead, “strengthens our position at the negotiating table,” added the minister, referring to the great difference in troops and arsenals between the Ukrainian and Russian contingents. . Moscow already accumulates more than 150,000 soldiers in front of the border closest to the separatist region of Donbass and another 30,000 on the Belarusian side if the contribution from this country is also counted. A high volume, but insufficient to undertake an invasion, according to Kiev.

maneuvers with tanks

The planned deployment for the exercises includes launchers, mines and anti-tank missiles supplied by the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as attack drones by Turkey. During these last few days, the Ukrainian troops have also practiced with tanks, which the Ministry of Defense has included in the regular exercises that it has carried out since 2014 around the pro-Russian enclaves of Donetsk and Lugansk.

Kuleba acknowledged that the Executive’s aim now is to persuade Germany to send them more weapons; an issue that Foreign Minister Olaf Scholz already discussed on Monday with the US president, Joe Biden, to whom he clarified that the supply of weapons from his country to another must pass a rigorous legal process and is prohibited if the destination is conflict regions.

Washington moves hundreds of soldiers to Romania and Poland to reinforce NATO

The Ukrainian minister took advantage of the visit of his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbock, on Tuesday to ask the Foreign Ministry to increase military support and also facilitate the shipment of German-made weapons from organizations and third governments that need authorization from Berlin. In total, Kiev has received thousands of small and heavy weapons, as well as artillery, missiles and tactical combat equipment.

On the other hand, a hundred US soldiers landed in Romania on Tuesday to reinforce the NATO contingent in Eastern Europe. Soon, the White House will move new detachments to reach a thousand soldiers. To this is added another contingent installed since Sunday in Poland to support the Alliance on its eastern flank. Washington wants to put 3,000 troops on the ground in response to the Russian deployment.


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