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Khargone Violence: House made of PM Awas Yojana demolished, Hasina expressed pain with tears and trembling hands, see VIDEO

Khargone (Madhya Pradesh):

Madhya Pradesh: In the case of stone pelting and arson at many places during Ram Navami procession in Khargone city of Madhya Pradesh, the district administration demolished 52 properties of the accused till Tuesday. More than 80 people have been arrested in the case. On the orders of the Madhya Pradesh government, work is being done to destroy the legal property of the accused and the damage has been done, it will be compensated by these people. The demolished properties also include a house built under the PM Awas Yojana. This house is named after Hasina Fakhru. Hasina alleges that the administration had given her several times notices to vacate the house. Now that his house has been demolished, he has no place to live.


The pain of breaking the house can be clearly read on Hasina’s face. His tears didn’t stop. This house was constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Niwas Yojana, which has now been demolished. This house was found in 2019-20 by Hasina’s family of five to seven people. About 2.5 lakh rupees were spent in its construction. All the documents are with Haseena’s son Amjad, who works as a daily wage labourer. She is living outside the grounded house with a raincoat.

Taking a picture of the house found under the scheme, Hasina said in a conversation with NDTV, “We had received an installment of one lakh and fifty thousand. We had also borrowed some amount for the construction of the house. It was thought that when the house is built, it will be good but they did this work. Left us in this condition, where will we go.” He told that we had received notices to vacate the house, we had gone to the tehsil several times as the case was going on. Later it was closed. Another person present on the spot Said that CM Shivraj Chouhan had come here and assured that where he is staying, he will remain there. I will give taps, will give light too, nephews and nieces, ‘Mama’ is still alive. But what work is this uncle doing. On the one hand it is giving, on the other hand it is destroying.

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