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Khap will run awareness campaign –

Narnaund, 1 April (Nis)

Kaliraman Khap will run a special campaign to educate daughters across the country. Khap’s national president Karmaveer Kaliraman said this in the Khap Panchayat organized at Kaliraman Bhawan located in village Sisai.

On this occasion, he said that decisions were taken in the meeting to eradicate social evils. He said that a large number of people deprive their daughters of education.

We have to make those people aware so that no daughter of the country remains without education. For this, an awareness campaign will be run by the Khap. It was also decided that Kaliraman Bhavan would be soundproofed and a proposal was made to repair the building. In which everyone agreed. Pradhan Karmaveer, Ramswaroop, Umed, Subesingh, Teluram, Mamraj, Akhil Kaliraman Bhaini Mirpur, Mahasingh Purva Pradhan, Dhoop Singh Data, Ajit Kharkadi, Surender Thua etc. were present in this executive.

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