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Karachi restaurant that used scenes from the movie ‘Gangu Bai’ criticized on social media

Social media was flooded with criticism for this modus operandi.


A popular restaurant in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi has come under fire for using a popular scene from Alia Bhatt’s ‘Gangu Bai’ film to attract customers. The restaurant called ‘Swings’ received a lot of ruckus on social media on Friday for using a scene from the film. The film is based on the real life of a sex worker who fights for the rights of women from her own community. Forced into prostitution after being dumped in Kamatipura, Gangu Bai tries her best to attract her first client.


Its clip and dialogue “Aa ja na raja– kis baat ka kar raha hai tu intezaar” have been used in restaurants to attract customers on a ‘special day for men’. The restaurant’s post read, “Swings is calling the king here. Come and enjoy 25 percent off on men’s special day on Monday at Swings. The restaurant owner half-heartedly apologized after being hit hard on social media and being targeted by his customers, prompting further condemnation of ‘Swings’. People’s sentiments have been hurt by this act of the restaurant, which has used edited clips from Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film as its marketing strategy as a promotional tactic on its social media pages.

Social media was flooded with criticism for this modus operandi. Content creator Daniel Sheikh wrote on Facebook, “What is this? This is promoting sexual harassment of women and making fun of women who were forced to become prostitutes. If people will get attention and get customers, then unfortunately you are in misunderstanding. Using a clip from a movie about prostitution just shows how low and shallow you can be for propaganda.”

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