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Kalimba gets carried away by Reik and debuts in the urban genre

The equation that Chuy Navarro raised to Kalimba it was enough to convince him to move from pop to urban.

“Chuy told me that when Reik moved to urban, a third of his followers left, but they got four times more than they had when they made their transition,” he says.

This anecdote, Kalimba tells in an interview, was what motivated him to venture and rediscover himself to reinvent himself.

“There will be people who follow you, who like where you moved and others who are interested in me staying stuck, but I’m not interested, I want to move”, points out.

Thus, almost three years after releasing his most recent album, Kalimba presents “6PM”, whose songs, according to The universalwill include in his concert July 14 at the Metropolitan Theater“show” that, he anticipates, will have special guests requested by his own followers on social networks.

The singer comments that he is not intimidated by how bad people talk about him on social networks, because he wants to follow his own trends.

“I depend a lot on where the music is moving, to see where the public’s taste is, in the end, pop is popular, so if what is popular is urban, I should go there.”

Kalimba will also have presentations with the group OV7who will tour to celebrate his 30 years, and although he is happy to be part of it, he also recognizes that he now identifies with his audience in a different way.

“You have to renew yourself, I can’t be the same, I can’t dress the same or act the same on stage, I’m not the same guy from OV7 anymore”, and adds that this identity is part of listening to his audience.

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