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Judiciary: Elisa Carrió requested the political trial of Ricardo Lorenzetti for alleged efforts in favor of Cristina Kirchner’s bill

The bloc of deputies of the Civic Coalition, led by Lilita Carrió, large this Tuesday the impeachment request against the judge of the Court, Ricardo Lorenzetti, for the alleged crime of poor performance of duties.

In a brief presented in Congress, the legislators affirmed that Lorenzetti would have tried “block up legislative work fraudulently, through a hoax to its interlocutors, which brings with it an uprising against the institutional order”.

They refer to the conversations Lorenzetti had last week with former President Mauricio Macri, former Minister of Justice German Garavano and the governor of Jujuy and president of the UCR, Gerardo Morales, who Clarion advanced on Sunday exclusively.

Macri’s spokespersons denied that the conversation had existed but two sources from Together for Change and Carrió herself confirmed that there was “a telephone dialogue” with Lorenzetti about changes in the law of the Judicial Council.

For their part, spokesmen for Lorenzetti they denied Carrió’s complaintspecified that the judge, if he speaks, does so only on his behalf and affirmed that it is a “question of power” of the former deputy with whom he has maintained, for years, a political and judicial confrontation. It is an extension because Carrió He already denounced Lorenzetti a few years ago before Congress, but did not get the necessary quorum to deal with his impeachment request.

The document is signed by the deputies of Juan Manuel López, Paula Oliveto Lago, Maximiliano Ferraro, Victoria Borrego, Marcela Campagnoli, Laura Carolina Castets, Mónica Frade, Rubén Manzi, Leonor Martínez Villada, Mariana Stilman and Mariana Zuvic.

The deputies maintain that these talks by Lorenzetti “take place in parallel with the parliamentary fraud carried out in the Senate of the Nation, when at the request of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner the block of the Frente de Todos is broken in two to displace the PRO senator Luis Juez in the Council of the Magistrature”. The appointment of the senator loyal to the vice president, Martín Doñate, along with that of the radical deputy Roxana Reyes, to the Magistracy is pending approval by the Supreme Court.

On Saturday, Carrió was interviewed by radio Miter and “referred to the efforts, which were being made public, by Dr. Ricardo Lorenzetti with in order to interfere in the treatment of the Judicial Council Law that recently came with half a sanction from the Senate of the Nation to this Honorable Chamber of Deputies”.

The K Project does not include court in the Judicial Council. This is a new law since last year the Court declared unconstitutional the law that Cristina Kirchner had promoted in 2006 and that gave her control of the body that proposes, sanctions and dismisses judges.

“Those referred by Dr. Carrió describe events of deep institutional gravity since they relate the actions of a Judge of the Supreme Court who through cunning and fraudulent acts he tried to deceive his interlocutors, with the objective that “Together for Change” accompany the project of the ruling party, promoted by the Vice President Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to reform the Council of the Nation’s Magistracy “.

These efforts by Lorenzetti “would be inscribed within the context of pressures and operations carried out by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner against the Court”.

Then they highlighted a supposed form of Lorenzetti “for boycott and commit fraud to the detriment of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation” and in particular of its president Horacio Rosatti, with whom he maintains internal power disputes.

They also referred to other issues. After the circulation of the cases by each secretary of the Court, “Lorenzetti, the same day of the Agreement of Ministers -where the causes that all the other judges have already seen- are digitally signed- asks each Secretariat to withdraw several files.” From each Secretariat it would withdraw “between 30 to 50 cases. This inexorably generates a noticeable delay in the files, affecting the statistics of the Court, in order to harm the Institution and the current Presidency, and above all affecting the service of justice”.

“This action would have started since the assumption of Dr. Horacio Rosatti as President of the Body”, affirmed the deputies.

Next, they pointed out that “it is not by chance that different The voices of the ruling party have begun to talk about the number of files processed by the Supreme Court as justification to modify its operation and that the project to expand the number of members of the Court begin to gain momentum in the Senate.

Lorenzetti’s “residual power of magnitude” after having presided over the Court for four consecutive terms, “shows us his ability to offer influence and help to their political allies of the “Frente de Todos” and deceive, at the same time, the politicians of “Together for Change” who decide to meet with him”.

These “schemes have as their objective, either fraud to try to articulate different political forces so that the ruling party manages to pass the bill of the Executive Power on the Council of the Magistracy with half sanction of the Senate of the Nation by the Chamber of Deputies in which they do not have their own majority”, they added.

That supposed play would be “for sell impunity to those accused in different federal files with resources before the Supreme Court, in particular the Vice President of the Nation Cristina Fernández de Kirchner”, they concluded.

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