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Judas would also applaud Jorge Vilda and Luis De la Fuente

I am by no means a defender of Luis Rubiales. Not now, not never. The theme of the “piquito” is gruesome, as is his touching of the genitals like a “baboon” next to the Queen and the Infanta, but that is only the visible part of an iceberg that has dozens of scandals in and out of the water that They started with the dismissal of Lopetegui going through the business that was marked with the Rubipiquiana Super Cup, his leaked messages or the absence of actions in the Negreira case. Rubiales should not have given that “piquito” to Jenni Hermoso, because this man, if he can be called that, should be gone a long time. Who let him stay there? Those who now ask for his head.

Despite everything and noting that his speech to the Wolf of Wall Street by Hacendado is possibly what has given me the most embarrassment in my entire career as a journalist, the consequences of said show are being just as gruesome as he himself. Rubiales is what he is, but what kind of person can applaud him on his feet on Friday only to flee one day later like the rats did on the Titanic? The answer is obvious and you don’t need a statement to know it: the kind of person that Jorge Vilda and Luis De la Fuente are proving to be.

I am very disappointed in the case of De la Fuente because we had the opportunity to interview him on the esRadio Dentro del Vestuario podcast and on other occasions in this house and his behavior was exemplary. I have no qualms about saying that whenever we have written to him, he has responded to us. In fact, I myself sent him a message of support and congratulations when he took over as coach. But I cannot defend the last acts of him. Vilda, ditto. On Friday the two of them were there, very close to carrying flags with the face of Rubiales, to applaud their president from the front row and then stand up at the end of the speech. They came close to beating their chests like in the aforementioned DiCaprio scene.

Vilda and De la Fuente were the ones who were there with Rubi. I imagine that no one put a gun to their heads to sit in front of the auditorium nor to break their hands to applaud. Of course, when Rubiales has been surrounded from all fronts… see you later friend Rubi, we are leaving because if everyone jumps off a bridge, we, absent of personality, too. If they applauded Rubiales on Friday, I have no doubt that, metaphorically speaking, Judas could do the same with them as a sign of his pride at such a betrayal. Here you do not pay in silver coins, but in public forgiveness via social networks.

A forgiveness that, by the way, has not come even remotely. If you already add a huge ridiculous amount going from applauding to betraying in just over 24 hours, now they have added one more mistake believing that picking up cable was going to help them in the face of public opinion. The remedy has been worse than the disease, because they themselves have unmasked in front of the whole world. What did the Titanic rats find when they fled the ship? Ice water, like the rest.

“These are my principles, but if you don’t like them I have others”, as they say. These are my applause, but if you don’t like them, I’ll change them in a statement. IscaVilda has even raised the ante more since apart from betraying Rubiales a cable collection has been marked without finishing it completely. Because? Because finishing the job would mean resigning and in this country nobody does that. The Rubiales thing was wrong, but I am not resigning. Man Jorge, I don’t know, if you want we can applaud you for this.

There are many episodes of this soap opera with Rubiales and surely we will have to see, from all walks of life, ridiculous constants and ridiculous ‘postures’. We will be here to tell it, just like we did when Rubiales had other scandals. What we will not do is change our principles. For that there are others.


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