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Juan Manzur repudiated the attack on Cristina Kirchner’s office ‘on behalf of the National Government’

After Andrés “Cuervo” Larroque pointed to the government for not reacting to the attack on Cristina Kirchner’s office, the chief of staff Juan Manzur expressed his “deep rejection” of the attack “on behalf of the National Government”.

Manzur gives his speech before the Budget and Finance Committee of the Lower House that this afternoon began to discuss the project that ratifies the agreement reached with the IMF.

“I want to bring my deep concern and the most absolute rejection to the acts of violence that occurred right here last Thursday in this honorable Senate that have directly affected the Vice President of the Nation, Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner,” said the man from Tucuman.

Manzur indicated that “violence in no way, of any kind, can be accepted as a mode of action when in Argentina we live and breathe a rich democracy that allows the broadest and deepest discussion of each of the initiatives of each of the existing political spaces.

“In the name of National government I want to express our profound rejection of all violence such as the one that has arisen here,” he launched.

Martín Guzmán expressed himself in a similar way. The Finance Minister dedicated a sentence from his speech to “repudiate the act of violence against the offices of the Vice President of the Nation.”

The words of the chief of staff and the minister come after the leader of La Cámpora showed his anger at the official “silence” after the stones that damaged the vice president’s office.

Given the voices against the project that still come from the ruling party itself, the chief of staff asked not to “encourage the vote against” to have “A critical look at the role of the IMF”.

“We are in an instance in which we need to close this negotiation to avoid the interruption of Argentina’s commitments with the organization. I reiterate: A critical look at the role of the IMF is no reason to encourage the vote against at this particular juncture”, he maintained.

Manzur considered that the agreement “is not in favor of the IMF but in favor of Argentina. We are in a situation that calls us to think and act across political divides and, as I said before, with responsibility and a vocation for the future”.

The senators meet in the Blue Room of Congress from 3:00 p.m. to start the debate in committee on the bill that ratifies the agreement reached with the IMF, which already has half a sanction from the Chamber of Deputies.

The Budget and Finance Commission of the Lower House will receive, as it did a week ago in Deputies, the Minister of Economy, Martín Guzmán; the chief of staff, Juan Manzur and the president of the BCRA, Miguel Ángel Pesce.

Also present will be the Minister of Production, Matías Kulfas; the head of the AFIP, Mercedes Marcó del Pont; the Secretary of the Treasury Raúl Rigo and the Argentine representative before the IMF, Sergio Chodos.

The objective of the ruling party is to have an opinion on Tuesday and convert into law before Friday the initiative that authorizes the Executive Branch to sign a new understanding with the IMF.

The head of the ruling bloc, José Mayans, confirmed last Friday that he met with the head of the Senate, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and that he received instructions to give “rapid treatment” to the text approved by the lower house.

Deputies approved in the early hours of last Friday the project that supports the agreement with the IMF for the restructuring of the debt contracted by former President Mauricio Macri, after more than 13 hours of debate that ended with the positive vote of 202 legislators, against 37 negative. and 13 abstentions.

Most of the positive votes were contributed by the FdT and JxC benches, to which were added the legislators of the Federal, United Provinces and Ser interblocks.

Among the negatives there were also votes from the FdT, the left and from the self-proclaimed libertarian legislators.


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